Student engagement

Opportunities at Lusem

Lund University is well-known for its unique student life and fantastic campus atmosphere. The variety of student organisations, provides excellent opportunities for you to experience student life and to join in student events. 

LundaEkonomerna student union

LundaEkonomerna is the student union for all students at LUSEM. The main purpose of LundaEkonomerna is to continuously monitor the quality of education at LUSEM by representing the students’ opinions towards the School. However, there is way more to LundaEkonomerna than this fundamental function.

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LINC – Lund University Finance Society

Lund University Finance Society (LINC) stands as one of the most prominent finance societies in the Nordic region. The purpose of LINC is to provide members with the skill set to break into the field of finance. Previous knowledge is not required.

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Student ambassador

Our student ambassadors are doing a fantastic job sharing their story with prospective students.

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You can make a big difference for someone else as a study support mentor or international mentor. 

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