Curious about start-ups?

Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg are greenhouses for new ideas. We are collaborating with the innovative environments Hetch, Ideon Innovation, Minc and Smile so talented LUSEM students can get hands on experience with start-ups.

The School of Economics and Management and Lundaekonomerna student union are teaming up with four innovative environments who need your knowledge as a LUSEM student:

The start-ups are seeking assistance with, for example:

  • Marketing strategies, market analysis, employer branding, brand building or digital marketing
  • Analysis of expansion to other markets, global trade or cultural differences
  • Examination of suppliers or sustainability strategies
  • Design and implement information systems and investigate the effects that information systems have on people, organizations and businesses
  • Analysis of key figures, investments or financial decisions

As a student you get:

  • Experience from the start-up world
  • Valuable experience for your CV
  • Practical experience in an area you are interested in


You apply for the positions you are interested in. Selection is made by the start-ups. Since start-ups are a company in the first stages of operations, they generally start with high costs and limited revenue. This means that some positions are unpaid. Read the instructions for each position thoroughly.

The ads are published under ‘Career services’ on the learning platform Canvas.

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Alice Serenhov

Last published: 2021-06-01