Degree and public defence

The doctoral degree is the highest academic degree awarded in Sweden and comprises 240 credits. The doctoral degree at LUSEM  is called a Doctor of Philosophy degree or Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Economics degree.

The thesis

The PhD programme includes a research assignment that will result in a scientific dissertation – the doctoral thesis. In the thesis, the research area and the research results are presented. The doctoral thesis can take the form of either a single unified research report (monograph) or a compilation of research papers with a summary which pulls all the parts together (compilation thesis).

The public defence

The thesis is defended at a public seminar in which the PhD student presents his or her thesis for review. At the public defence there is to be an external reviewer (opponent) whose task is to closely examine the thesis. The public defence also involves an examining committee of at least three members, who awards the doctoral thesis a grade of pass or fail.

Licentiate degree

It is also possible to be enrolled for a licentiate degree, which corresponds to two years of full-time studies (120 credits). The scientific dissertation is then called a licentiate thesis, which is presented and examined at an internal seminar. A PhD student enrolled for a doctoral degree can choose to take a licentiate degree after having obtained 120 credits, and then continue towards their doctoral degree.

The doctoral conferment ceremony

The doctoral conferment ceremony is the big academic celebration of the year, and takes place at the end of May. The university bestows its highest honour on those who have completed a doctoral degree and defended their thesis. At the ceremony, the honorary symbols of the doctoral degree are handed out: the hat, the laurel wreath, the ring and the diploma.

At the same time, the university celebrates distinguished researchers from other universities and other individuals, by appointing them honorary doctors. As a tribute to previous generations, the ceremony also celebrates those who earned their doctoral degrees fifty years previously by bestowing upon them the title of jubilee doctor.

The doctoral conferment ceremony