Master’s in Economic Development and Growth

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid | University of Groningen | Lund University | 2 years | 120 ECTS credits

Your future career

This programme provide you with plenty of career opportunities in institutions all over the world addressing economic development, such as the EU, OECD, ILO, World Bank, UNESCO, WTO, CEPAL, IADB (Inter-American Development Bank), NGOs, governments and central banks, think tanks, multinational companies and consulting firms.

You will also obtain the advanced skills required to carry out research in the fields of development economics, economic history, applied economics and international economics. Lund University School of Economics and Management, University of Groningen and Universidad Carlos III Madrid, offer talented students oriented towards an academic career, the possibility to continue your postgraduate education in one of our PhD programmes.

The one characteristic that has most influenced my work within an international research organization is the programme's emphasis on institutions, which I constantly attempt to change for the better.

Marc Adam, Research assistant, Center for International Tropical Agriculture

The best thing was the opportunity to get to know all the extraordinary people with different experiences, nationalities and backgrounds that shared with me this extraordinary experience. In these two years I established strong friendships as well as professional connections with both students and professors.

Andrea Papini, PhD Candidate at the Department of Economics, University of Oslo, Norway

The programme has helped me to have a global understanding of many issues and how to be effective and efficient whilst managing tight deadlines.

Andrés Mella, intern at the International Labour Office in Geneva

MEDEG was previously an Erasmus Mundus programme funded by the EU, with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, University of Warwick and Lund University as partners.
From the 2015 intake, University of Groningen replaces University of Warwick. The first five years of the programme have provided lessons for making a top master programme even sharper!