Master's programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation | 1 year | 60 credits

Course content

Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation

This track consists of four compulsory courses equivalent to 30 ECTS credits along with the entrepreneurial project and the degree project, together equivalent to 30 ECTS credits. 

As an entrepreneur you need to develop a creative capacity to generate and commercialize lucrative business opportunities. This course provides you with knowledge, tools and methods that will assist you in the entrepreneurial process. The course consists of four parts; introduction to the entrepreneurial process, opportunity recognition, entrepreneurial decision-making and teamwork in the new venture creation process.

Course code: ENTN01 | Download curriculum

Entrepreneurship is about bringing ideas to markets. This course provides you with knowledge, tools and methods for analyzing industry/market conditions and evaluating the desirability of your potential idea, product or service. You will also learn how to com- municate your business idea to potential investors, customers and other stakeholders. The course consists of three parts; industry and competitor analysis, customer analysis and market research, and market communication in new ventures.

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Scaling up your business require financial capital. This course provides you with theoretical and practical knowledge about resource management and financial sources for new ventures. You will also learn about investors; how they make their investments in new ventures and how they manage their portfolio after the investments are made. The course covers issues such as creative strategies for financing new ventures, venture capital markets, ownership issues, and corpo- rate governance.

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A growing firm faces a number of challenges. This course provides you with frameworks, analytical skills and techniques, and decision-making tools that can be used in growing entrepreneurial businesses. The course covers critical issues related for managing new venture development and growth such as the charac- teristics of growing firms, alternative growth strate- gies, changes and transitions on the organizational level, the changing role of the entrepreneurial team, and exit strategies available to founders.

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Writing a business plan is a valuable source of lear- ning in the entrepreneurial process. This course provides you with functional skills that assist you in analyzing your business idea and presenting your entrepreneurial project to stakeholders. The course offers tools, analytical frameworks and the assistance of experienced mentors to support your personal development as an entrepreneur. The course consists of three parts; a business plan, the organization and execution of a functional trade show, and the docu- mentation of learning lessons.

Course code: ENTN08

In addition to the entrepreneurial project, you will de- sign and carry out an independent research project in the form of a master thesis. This course provides you with theoretical knowledge as well as analytical and reflective skills that develop your ability to critically examine, evaluate and draw conclusions by conduc- ting an empirical study on a phenomenon that you define has both practical and theoretical relevance within the area of entrepreneurship.

Course code: ENTN19

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This track consists of four compulsory courses equivalent to 30 ECTS credits along with an internship in an existing organisation together with a degree project equivalent to 30 ECTS credits.

This course will help you develop an understanding of and ability related to entrepreneurial activities in established businesses, so-called “corporate entrepreneurship”. During the course you will learn about the entrepreneurial process in the corporate context with particular focus on the identification and valuation of business opportunities, business model renewal and innovation, different forms of corporate entrepreneurship, and factors supporting and hindering corporate entrepreneurship.

Course code: ENTN31 | Download curriculum

This course gives you an understanding of how to build, maintain, and develop organizations suitable for innovation and entrepreneurship in a corporate context, i.e., within and alongside established businesses. Within this context the course is also focused on understanding the role and actions of intrapreneurs and on performance measurement in intrapreneurial settings.

Course code: ENTN33 | Download curriculum

The aim of the course is to give you an understanding of the creation of new ideas and the management of innovations in existing organizations. The course includes the concept and process of innovation, innovation strategy and technology management, including ‘Open Innovation’, product development, and team management.

Course code: ENTN32 | Download curriculum

In this course you will develop your knowledge in project and research methods related to entrepreneurship, serving as the foundation for the degree project. The course focuses on the different steps and decisions involved in undertaking a project and degree project (thesis) with particular focus on methods for data collection and analysis.

Course code: ENTN35 | Download curriculum

During the Internship you will work in a host organization with a project focused on business development and innovation. The basic aim of the Internship and Degree Project course is that you learn to apply and use knowledge and skills gained. You will write your degree thesis based on the business development project.

Course code: ENTN39

This is a preliminary course list, and is intended as guidance only. The course list may be subject to change.