Change Maker Future Track 

become a leader in the sustainable transition

A hands on extra-curricular track, developing your teamwork and entreprenurial mindset to accelerate the sustainable transformation. You will work on real life challenges supported by faculty and coaches from industry. All LUSEM master students are welcome to apply. The track runs parallel with your masters programme. 


The application is closed, check back here or contact the Project Manager at if you have any questions.

About the Change Maker Future Track

LUSEM is well known for its focus on sustainability, combined with strategic focus on developing ‘reflective practitioners’ with the skill sets required for taking on globally responsible management positions. The work on sustainability and global responsibility is a substantial part of LUSEM’s ‘triple crown’ accreditation. The Change Maker Future Track fits right in as an extra-curricular track running over 30 weeks parallel to master studies and claim approximately one day a week of your time.

Our experienced and well-renowned faculty member Stein Kleppestø will run the Change Maker Future Track, which is initiated by the School’s Sustainable Future Hub. 

Being a change maker for a sustainable future requires the ability to grasp complexity and uncertainty. Moving from an unsustainable to a sustainable world is as all about finding solutions to wicked problems. In our program we aim to develop our students’ maturity and change maker skills by working on very challenging, real life needs for change.
- Stein Kleppestø

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