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The International Office at Lund University School of Economics and Management develops and administers the international study opportunities at the School.

FAQ for outgoing students, autumn 2020

Q: What do I do if I want to cancel my exchange?
A: If you decide that you do not want to go on your exchange semester, please notify the LUSEM International Office by email at We will then notify your host university and update Ladok.

Q: Will I automatically lose my exchange seat, if I accept a spot at a course in Lund?
A: No, you will not lose your exchange seat if you accept a spot at a course, but please don’t forget to give up your spot (so that another student can be admitted instead) if you decide to go on exchange.

Q: My host university has just cancelled my exchange. What do I do?
A: If your host university cancels your exchange, please refer to the email that was sent out by us mid-June. There you will find useful information about what alternatives are available for you. You do not have to inform LUSEM International Office about the cancelled exchange, as we will receive the same information.

Q: My host university has offered me to do the exchange online. Is this possible?
A: If your host university offers you to study online, please notify the International Office if you intend to do so or if you wish to cancel your exchange. If you choose to study online without travelling to your exchange destination, please note that you will not be covered by any insurance through Lund University. Make sure that you have home insurance to cover any unforeseen incidents. If you begin your studies online but are then able to travel to your host country, please make sure to contact LUSEM International Office to check if you will be covered by Student UT. Taking courses online can affect your student aid (CSN). Make sure to check with CSN what applies in your individual case.

Q: My host university has offered me to defer my exchange semester to the spring semester 2021. Is that possible?
A: Any deferral needs to be approved by your programme and administered by the International Office, so please contact us if you want to accept this offer. A deferral can only be granted if your host university cancels their campus based exchange or if you are not able to travel to your host country (due to travel restrictions, suspended visa services etc.). If your exchange was planned for semester 6, it will still be possible for you to defer, but make sure that you are an active student at LU during the autumn semester before your exchange. Be aware that the situation for the spring semester 2021 is unpredictable and that there are no guarantees that you can partake in your exchange, even if deferred.

Q: I can’t travel to my host university due to travel restrictions or suspended visa services. What do I do?
A: If you can’t travel for practical reasons, you might have to cancel your exchange. If your host university offers online studies, you can choose to partake in that instead. Please see more information above.

Q: I need more information about studying at my host university this autumn (for example about housing or applying for courses). Who do I contact?
A: The International Office at your host university can give you up-to-date information about practical issues. Some universities are closed during the summer holidays, but most information is available on their websites for incoming exchange students. If you are looking for general advice on finding accommodation etc, you can also read the travel reports from previous students from Lund:

Q: When can I apply for the Erasmus grant?
A: Lund University is still awaiting information from the European Commission before the application for the Erasmus mobility grant can open. Any updates regarding the Erasmus grant will be posted here:

Q: Where do I find my Learning Agreement?
A: LUSEM International Office will create an Online Learning Agreement for you upon request after you have applied for the Erasmus grant. This will be done earliest in late August.

Q: How do I get a signature from LUSEM on my Learning Agreement?
A: We will sign your Learning Agreement as soon as possible upon our return to the office. If you have a deadline, please state this in your e-mail, so we know if we need to prioritize yours.

Q: I need a signed and stamped transcript from Lund University for my application to my host university. Who do I contact?
A: If you need a signed and stamped transcript of records you can order it from the student reception desk on

FAQ for incoming students, autumn 2020

Q: Will there be any activities organised for new exchange students?
A: Yes. Check the Orientation week schedule here: There will also be activities arranged by your buddy group. If you have missed applying for a buddy group, contact

Q: Will there be any meeting arranged by LUSEM during the orientation weeks?
A: Yes. There will be a digital meeting during the Pre-registration day 20 August. More information will be sent to you by email. 

Q: Can I come to Lund if I need a residence permit?
A: Students in need of a residence permit may have their application denied based on the fact that LUSEM only offers online courses in the first study period. If this happens, we are unable to admit you to studies for the Autumn semester 2020. We therefore recommend that you take the online courses from your home country. 

Q: Can I take the courses in study period 1 from home and come to Lund in November?
A: We recommend that you come to Lund for Arrival Day in August (if a residence permit is not needed). If you cannot come to Lund in August, you are welcome to come in November for the second study period. Do note that housing can be difficult to find then, and it can be hard to come new social activities will not be offered in November, only in August.

Q: How can I find out which courses I have been admitted to?
A: Log on to and see what courses are confirmed in your study plan. You find this under the tab Proposed study plan, and the status of your courses will say “Confirmed”.

Q: Can I change any of my confirmed courses?
A: Yes, you can apply for a course change via LUSEM Pre-registration form that will be sent to you in the beginning of August. 

Q: Where can I find the schedule for my courses?
A: The schedules are available via All schedules will be finalised at the beginning of August. 

Q: Can I get a signature on my Learning Agreement (LA) before I come to Lund?
A: We will sign your Learning Agreement as soon as possible upon our return to the office. If you have a deadline, please state this in your e-mail, so we know if we need to prioritize yours.

Q: When will I know if I am offered a room by LU Accommodation?
A: For information about housing via LU Accommodation, visit or watch this YouTube video about housing for autumn 2020 exchange students -

Q: What are your opening hours during the summer?
A: The LUSEM International Office is closed 13-31 July 2020 due to annual leave. Any e-mails received between these dates will be answered as soon as possible upon our return, but please expect longer answering times.

For more Corona related FAQ, visit:

Regarding corona/COVID-19

Update as of 15 June:

On 29 May, the Swedish Government announced that the recommendation that universities should conduct education online will end on 15 June 2020. Following these new guidelines, a decision from Lund University was made on 11 June regarding the education in autumn 2020.

A clarifying statement regarding how this will affect incoming and outgoing exchange students has been sent by email to all students concerned.

Read more on the School's covid-19 information page

Autumn 2020: For nominated students

  • Current LUSEM students: It is difficult to know what the situation will be in the autumn for the numerous countries in which we have partner universities. Your exchange coordinator keeps in contact with the partner university and can provide you with information. To be on the safe side, apply for courses in Lund for the autumn by 15 April and remember to cancel if it turns out that you do not intend to take the courses.
  • Incoming exchange students: If you are an exchange student who are coming to Lund this autumn semester, the application deadlines still remain. Contact us at if you need an extension.

Contact the International Office if you have questions about:

  • Exchange studies
  • Double degree programmes
  • International Master Class
  • Summer exchange
  • Tuition-based mobility programmes

Ulrika Qvist Mathiesen
Director, International Office 
Phone: +46 46 222 32 59
Room EC1:305

Incoming team

Coordinating incoming exchange students

Camilla Ennerberg
International Coordinator
Partner contact for Asia
Phone: +46 46 222 94 95
Room EC1:307

Maria Nilsson
International Coordinator  
Partner contact for Europe, South America, Erasmus+
Phone: +46 46 222 94 87
Room EC1:304

Outgoing team

Coordinating outgoing LUSEM students

Alice Kjellsson 
International Coordinator
Partner contact for North America
Phone: +46 46 222 32 54
Room EC1:303

Sara Svensson
International Coordinator
Partner contact for Oceania 

Phone: +46 46 222 34 41
Room EC1:306

Åsa Foster
International Coordinator 
Partner contact for Africa
Phone: +46 46 222 97 49
Room: EC1:314

E-mail and phone

Incoming exchange students:

Outgoing LUSEM students:

You can reach us on the phone daily during office hours:
+ 46 46 222 33 44


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Last published: 2020-08-10