When you have returned

Once you have returned to Lund from your exchange semester, there are a few things you need to do:

Write a travel report

Your experience abroad is valuable for future exchange students as well as the international coordinators at Lund University. Upon return to Lund University, you are obliged to write a travel report. All travel reports from LUSEM students shall be written in English.

Upload your travel report on utlandsstudier.lu.se

In addition to the travel report, Erasmus students also have to fill in an Erasmus survey.

Credit transfer from an exchange semester

If you have been on an exchange through the School of Economics and Management, you do not need to apply for a credit transfer on a special form – we will take care of it as soon as we have received your original grade transcript and your travel report.

The host university usually sends the transcript directly to the School of Economics of Management, but sometimes you need to request/order it yourself, either digitally or on paper. If you are unsure about what applies in your case, check with your host university.

If you have been on an exchange through a university-wide agreement, your transcript will be sent to External Relations and you must ensure that the School of Economics and Management receives it.

Transcripts can be mailed to the following address: 

Lund University
School of Economics and Management
International Office
P.O Box 7080
SE-220 07 Lund

Before the credit transfer is carried out, we will check that you have submitted your travel report, so please submit it as soon as possible after your exchange to speed up the process. We will send the original document to you after we have completed the credit transfer.

Who performs the credit transfer?

The credit transfer is carried out by the International Office at the School of Economics and Management. The credit transfer, including registration of grades in Ladok, takes 1–4 weeks to complete, depending on the type of case and the time of semester.

All credit transfers from studies abroad are based on the established guidelines.

Rules and requirements regarding credit transfer
Program specific requirements

Will the grades from my exchange show in Ladok?

No, as long as you have passed your courses, your courses will be marked as Credited education. The specific grades for every course will not show in Ladok, but they will show on your transcript of records from your host university. 


If you are displeased with your credit transfer, you can appeal the decision in writing to the International Office.

If the School of Economics and Management will not reassess its previous decision, your appeal and all relevant documents will be forwarded to The Higher Education Appeals Board for review.

Inspiring new exchange students

When you have returned, you will be an ambassador for your host university. You'll be asked to share your experiences at information sessions held by the International Office. 

International credit conversion

Information about the number of credits required at each university can be found through the search tool

The following applies for University of California
1 credit = 2 hp
(Berkely & Merced)
1 credit = 1,33 hp
(All other UC campuses)


International Office
Lund University School of Economics and Management


You can reach us on the phone daily during office hours:
+ 46 46 222 33 44

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Last published: 2021-05-12