Application process for international opportunities


1. Find out if you're eligible to apply

Start by reading through the programme specific requirements to find out if you're eligible to apply. 

Requirements for international opportunities

2. Search for available universities 

Browse our search tool in order to see what partner universities are available to your programme. You can filter your options by country, subject area, year, period and mobility type.

Where can I go? - use the search tool

The search tool will direct you into SoleMove, where you can find more info and links regarding courses, language requirements and other things of relevance for the university in question. You can learn a lot about each option by reading a partner university’s fact sheet. Remember to check if there are any course restrictions or language requirements.  

The selection of available universities is fully updated in the search tool when the application opens.  

3. Apply 

Application link to Solemove 
Applications can only be submitted during application rounds. 

Instruction manual on how to submit your application in Solemove 

For Solemove related questions, please turn to LU system support through

When you know which universities you would like to include in your application, click "Application form for outgoing student mobility" in the left column, and start your application.  

Click "New", select "Mobility Type S-Study", then select an application period.

Please take your time to fill out all the details in the application form. The system will alert you if data is missing. 

You can apply for up to 15 different universities in one application but bear in mind that you will need to draw up a study plan for the courses you want to study at each university. Consider your ranking carefully – it cannot be changed afterwards. You can only apply for universities which are available to your programme. 

Your application should include at least the following supporting documents (all attachments should be written in English; you will find instructions below): 

  • Statement of Purpose 

  • CV 

  • Study plan 

When you have completed your application and uploaded the supporting documents, you can submit your application.  

4. Supporting documents 

Your application can include a maximum of 5 documents. For your application to be complete it needs to contain at least a Statement of Purpose, a CV and a study plan. 

You do not need to include a Ladok transcript of your studies at Lund University in your application, as this will be retrieved by us once the application round has closed. 

Statement of Purpose  

We do not conduct any personal interviews so anything you want us to consider must be included in your Statement of Purpose. Your Statement of Purpose must be written in English. You only have to submit one Statement of Purpose, not one per university you are applying for. 


  • Bachelor's and Master's students

Your CV shall be max two A4 pages and written in English. 

Study Plan 

A study plan is a simple list of the courses you would want to study at each university, should you be nominated. Preferably include the course code (if available), course title and the number of credits at the host university. The total number of credits for all courses must correspond to 30 credits in Lund. Information about the number of credits required at each university can be found in SoleMove. Please note that the study plan is preliminary and your courses will likely change during the university’s application process, should you be nominated. 

Alternative study structure (if applicable) 

Complete planning of the courses to be included in your degree. This only applies to students with an alternative study structure or students not admitted to a study programme. This document does not need to be written in English. 

Other documents (all documents should be compiled into one PDF document and uploaded in your application). 

  • Bachelor's and Master's students
  • Work qualifications/association experience and possible letter of recommendation if mentioned in your CV (letters in Swedish are also accepted). 

  • Study results from international and other Swedish higher education institutions (i.e. courses not taken at Lund University).  

5. Selection process and allocation of places

It takes approximately 6 weeks from the application deadline until the selection process is complete. The waiting period for notifications concerning the applications in January and February is shorter.

All eligible applicants who have submitted a complete application to the School of Economics and Management’s exchange programme are ranked, regardless of which universities they have applied for. The ranking of students and allocation of places are conducted by the LUSEM International Office.

What can I do to ensure a high ranking?

1. Apply for the right semester
Those who want to apply for an exchange during a semester other than those recommended by your programme will only be admitted if there are places available, and if approved by your study programme.

2. Keep up with your studies
Students who have kept up with the programme plan and completed the courses from previous semesters are given priority. If you have not completed courses/components from previous semesters, this will affect your place in the ranking. However, missing exams during the current semester will not affect your place.

3. Get good grades
All grades from previous semesters that are reported when the application round closes are included in the selection. You will receive an average grade value based on the share of credits with a certain grade.

Demonstrate additional qualifications
In case of competition for a place and equivalent qualifications in accordance with the above, an application letter and work qualifications/association experience are decisive. If the qualifications of two candidates can still be equated, the selection will be made through the drawing of lots.

How are the places allocated?

The allocation of places starts once the ranking is complete. All applicants are reviewed in the order in which they have been placed in the ranking, and are awarded a place based, to the greatest extent possible, on the student’s prioritised list of universities. The order in which you have ranked universities is therefore important! After you have been allocated a place at the university of your choice, as far as possible, all other universities you have applied for will be removed.

Please note that the host university may have restrictions that affect which student can be awarded a place, including prior knowledge, language proficiency, level of study or grades.

6. Nomination results

If you have been awarded a place, you will be sent instructions on how to log in to SoleMove and accept or decline your place. If you do not accept, you will lose your place.


If you have been assigned and confirmed a place in the regular application round, you are not eligible to apply in the spare place application round.


If you choose to cancel an offer for a place before the deadline, it will not affect your chances for a new exchange, should you choose to apply in the future.

Late cancel

If you have confirmed a place and for some reason had to cancel at a later stage, you must notify us immediately so that you don’t become liable for housing expenses etc. We will notify the host university. If you do a late decline, you can apply in both the regular application round and the spare place application round, but with limited chances. If you have withdrawn from studies after the deadline due to a full-time assignment in the students’ union or a nation, this will not have a negative impact if you choose to reapply at a later date. However, you must be able to present a certificate of employment.

If you do not receive a place

If you apply but do not receive a place, you can reapply at a later application round if it works with your study programme. 


Studying abroad during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic - what do you need to consider?

Due to Covid-19, exchanges are more uncertain than usual and restrictions may be decided upon at a late stage. If you are nominated for an exchange, which is later cancelled or not possible for other reasons, please note that LUSEM will not be able to offer you an alternative seat instead. It is therefore important that you have arranged for another back-up plan, for example by applying for courses in Lund.

Read up on the information for nominated students.

Application dates and deadlines

15 Oct - 15 Nov, 2020

  • Exchange for Bachelor's students

15 Oct - 1 Nov, 2020

28 Jan - 8 Feb, 2021 


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