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Lund Learning Culture

A vast number of international students from all over the world come to LUSEM on exchange or to study one of our programmes. This creates global classroom environments where students encounter different cultural perspectives and start to build their international network. Many international students find the learning environment and teaching style in Sweden to be different from what they are used to.

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Plagiarism, commonly known as cheating, is considered to be a very serious academic offence. Lund University and the School will take disciplinary actions against any kind of attempted malpractice in examinations and assessments. Any suspicion of plagiarism will be reported to your home institution as well as the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University for further proceedings by the Disciplinary Committee of Lund University.

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Lund student life

Lundaekonomerna student union

Lundaekonomerna is the home and Student Union for all students at Lund University School of Economics and Management. The 300 active members in Lundaekonomerna all work together to improve the education at LUSEM, the future careers of the members, and the social life of students. International students are most welcome to become active members of Lundaekonomerna – all their activities are in English. 

Lundaekonomerna are located in the little yellow house Skånis, surrounded by the Holger Crafoord Centre.

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Transcript of Records

A verifiable digital transcript can be downloaded from the Student Portal once the results have been reported. Hard copies are only sent upon request by the home university.

Login to www.student.lu.se using your student account details. 

Regarding COVID-19

Autumn 2020: For nominated students

  • Current LUSEM students: It is difficult to know what the situation will be in the autumn for the numerous countries in which we have partner universities. Your exchange coordinator keeps in contact with the partner university and can provide you with information. To be on the safe side, apply for courses in Lund for the autumn by 15 April and remember to cancel if it turns out that you do not intend to take the courses.

  • Incoming exchange students: If you are an exchange student who are coming to Lund this autumn semester, the application deadlines still remain. Contact us at incoming@ehl.lu.se if you need an extension. 


International Office
Lund University School of Economics and Management


You can reach us on the phone daily during office hours:
+ 46 46 222 33 44

Visiting hours and address

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The schedules for courses at LUSEM are available approximately one month before the courses start. The safest way to avoid conflicting schedules beforehand is to choose courses from the course list with the same prefix (FEK, NEK, EKH etc), level (A, B, B/C, C, D) within the same period.

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Last published: 2020-05-19