Research with impact

Making a difference by expanding our intellectual footprint

We seek to address global challenges through relevant research-based education in which we, together with the private and public sectors, explore how to make the world a better place.  We are a research-driven business school with a long history of research projects on socio-economic, financial and environmental sustainability, as well as ethics and corporate social responsibility.

As part of one of the largest universities if Scandinavia, the School of Economics and Management dates back centuries. Our roots provide us with a solid academic foundation and we see that our work makes a difference. Our expertise enables us to look ahead and see the big picture. Our researchers are active in several academic disciplines; business administration, economics, economic history, business law, informatics and statistics. They often work in an interdisciplinary manner and conduct specific research that theorises practical dilemmas aiming to create better conditions for a sustainable society.

Research impact case studies

We try to ascertain the underlying causes of poverty and find measures to counteract it, we solve problems with the distribution of resources, and point out the need for legislation and policies that keep up with the times. Our researchers devote themselves to acute analyses of broad correlations and issues of profound complexity, tackling specific problems of significant impact for all our stakeholders. These case studies show how the work of our researchers makes a real difference to economies, businesses, and communities.

Gender equality

How does Sweden live up to the gender equality goals established through policy? The financial aspects of gender equality – and inequality – can become painfully clear. Our researchers provide important documentation for future decisions.

Modernising the public sector

As policymakers and scholars evaluate possible ways forward in the renewal of public services by governments caught up in a recessionary environment, our researchers aim to offer something different – a comprehensive analysis of the development of the Scandinavian way of modernising public-sector management.

Smarter organisations

How can we make it easier for organisations to get the most value out of the work and efforts they put in? How do we safeguard innovation and listen to the voices of non-conformists?



What do we mean when we say 'leadership'? Management focuses on behaviour and results and getting things done through planning, organising, monitoring and controlling, whereas leadership is more about what people think, value and feel – and how these things are linked to the environment, the unit, and the work.

Allocating resources

How do we allocate resources that we do not want to see priced by the free market in accordance with the law of supply and demand? It could be about human organ transplants – or access to a place in school.


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