What about the hole in the ground?

Published: 2023-10-26

As you may have noticed, walking around on campus, there is a large construction site between the buildings EC2 and Alfa1, on Ole Römers väg in Lund. It is the property company Akademiska hus that is laying the groundwork for the new housing project ‘Cassiopeia’.

Ole Römers väg on 24 October 2023. To the right in the background, the building EC2 (Holger Crafoords ekonomicentrum, house 2) can be seen. To the left: the building Alfa1.

The work that is currently underway (late October 2023) is preparations in the form of utility relocations to enable future construction work on the property. This specific work will be finished by the end of this year.

The road Ole Römers väg is closed for the time being to enable this work. It is planned to reopen at the end of the second week of November.

At present, there are no decided start and end dates for any future construction projects.

Read more about the project ‘Cassiopeia’ on the Akademiska hus website (In Swedish)

Project Cassiopeia

From the Akademiska Hus website (our translation):

To meet the need for student accommodation in Lund, Akademiska Hus is planning to build around 600 student accommodation units with space for 650 students and researchers.

Cassiopeia is located at the intersection of ’Kunskapsstråket’ at LTH and ’Idépromenaden’, which extends from Ideon to the green corridor that forms ’Forskarparken’ in the west. Cassiopeia has a strategic location for the development of student and researcher housing in the central northern part of Lund. 

Google map of the area from when it was a parking lot

Read more about the project ‘Cassiopeia’ on the Akademiska hus website (In Swedish)