”We like to keep it real” – Report from the third Jan Söderberg Family Prize in Economics and Management

Published: 2022-05-13

Wow, what a day! On 11 May, we kicked off both the Lund Economics and Management Day (Ekonomidagen); Demo Day; and the ceremony for the third Jan Söderberg Family Prize in Economics and Management. Here’s some glimpses from the day!

Professor Linus Dahlander (of ESMT Berlin) received the Jan Söderberg Family Prize in Economics and Managment at LUSEM on 11 May 2022. Photo: Louise Larsson

The Lund Economics and Management Day 2022 took place here at LUSEM, but also online. You can watch it afterwards on our Youtube channel.

Take me to the video recording (Youtube)

A longer version of this article is available in Swedish. Read it here.

Can you study entrepreneurship?

Craig Mitchell is the director of the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He was one of the speakers during the day. During his talk, he explained that the structure of the Master’s programme is partly as follows:

”We tell them to get out of the classroom and do stuff. Take action, embrace the big, bad world, be scared. and: Learn.”

During the Lund Economics and Management Day; LUSEM and the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship also organised a ”Demo Day” where master students showcased the start-up projects that they have been working on during their education.

”We like to keep it real. It is also interesting to note that our students today are proactive, not reactive, in the way that they keep sustainability in mind. When I started teaching 12 years ago we didn’t talk about sustainability, now it is in everybody’s mindset from the beginning,” says Craig Mitchell.

The future of open innovation

Professor Linus Dahlander of ESMT Berlin is the 2022 recipient of the Jan Söderberg Family Prize in Economics and Management. The Prize is worth SEK 1 million. He gave a talk on open innovation, with many examples, including ongoing research with the company Lego. He also mentioned the fact that crises often give rise to innovations.

”During the pandemic, we can see that some of the most creative and unexpected solutions, came from the suit guy high-fiving the carpenter. Now, it remains to be seen which crisis collaborations will last even after the crisis is over.

Drivers of increased openness, presented by Linus Dahlander in his lecture:

  • Mobility of workers
  • Globalisation
  • The emergence of the internet
  • Financial resources.

According to Linus Dahlander, researchers should:

  • Find and build theories that run counter to current theories, not least when it comes to current management literature.
  • Apply their own theories to themselves, i.e. collaborate and cooperate across departmental and university boundaries.

Watch the talk now or later:

To the talk on Youtube

Linus Dahlander accepting the Prize, from Åsa and Jan Söderberg, founders of the Prize.

Linus Dahlander, with proud parents.

Craig Mitchell introduced the Demo Day student pitches.

Panel discussion on entrepreneurship, innovation and growth. With Mårten Öbrink, Ylva Strander, Anna Brattström and Daniel Persson. Moderator: Sara Sterner.

Discussion on the artist as an entrepreneur, leadership and followership. With Martin Blom, Ulrika Wennersten and Anna Stevenson.

Discussion with Radu Mares, Olof Ejermo and Craig Mitchell on immigrant entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.

A longer version of this article is available in Swedish. Read it here.

Listen to the speakers

The Lund Economics and Management Day 2022 introduced many researchers from LUSEM and other parts of the University. You can listen to them – and to the panel discussions with researchers and representatives from, among others, Vinnova and MINC, anytime via Youtube.

To the Youtube video
Note that most parts of the programme are in Swedish.


Maria Stanfors
Sara Sterner
Daniel Persson
Anna Brattström
Mårten Öbrink​
Ylva Strander
Olof Ejermo
Radu Mares (talk in English)
Craig Mitchell (talk in English)
Anna Stevenson
Martin Blom
Ulrika Wennersten
Jan Söderberg
Linus Dahlander (talk in English)