Watch, listen or read – research summer tips from the media archives

Published: 2020-08-06

Come rain, come sun; summer is here and we would like to give you some highlights from our researchers’ and teachers’ vast amount of media coverage through the summer as well as some selected pieces from the last couple of years.

Screenshots from some of the videos and podcasts you can watch and listen to below.

The list does of course not cover all media features – our researchers are actively participating in the public conversation in the media in one way or another almost every day.

1. Lecture: How your consumption promotes political visions – TEDx with Sofia Ulver

Sofia Ulver was recently quoted in the New York Times on her research on ethnical representation in Swedish television commercials:

She Found Her Voice in a W.N.B.A. Locker Room, Then Used It in Sweden

2. Podcast: Technological change and social protests – Kerstin Enflo

Listen to the podcast episode in A Correction: a podcast

3. What do Swedish people think about their country's 'relaxed' corona approach?

Find out in an article in the Conversation by Erik Wengström

4. Lecture: The triumph of emptiness. Grandiosity and marginalization of reality in corporate life – Mats Alvesson

Lecture: Discrepancy Between Leadership Talk and Practice – Mats Alvesson

5. Podcast: Kapital, krise og makt – Erik Bengtsson

Listen to the interview in the podcast Noen snakker sammen (in Norwegian and Swedish)

6. Lecture: Gender Inequality in the 21st Century – Marianne Bertrand

Professor Marianne Bertrand was the first recipient of the Jan Söderberg Family Prize in Economics & Management in 2019.

Read more about the Prize here

7. Corona and the Swedish constitution – Lars Jonung

Article: The real reason Sweden didn't lockdown (

Article: Sweden's constitution decides its exceptional Covid-19 policy (

8. Basic income, is it possible? – Reportage at Roland Paulsen's home (in Swedish)

Lecture: Work takes meaning from life – Roland Paulsen

9. The good inequality – Andreas Bergh in Swedish national TV (in Swedish)

Sweden is not a Social Democratic Country – explained by, among others, Andreas Bergh

Andreas Bergh's blog (in English)

10. 'Don't do it': studies flash sub-zero rate warnings to central banks – Fredrik N G Andersson

Interview by Reuters on the cost of negative rates for Sweden’s economy.

To the article on