The students would choose LUSEM again, according to this year’s career survey

Published: 2021-06-15

What do the students of the School of Economics and Management think about their university and their future careers? Now, we know! According to an annual survey, conducted in collaboration with the company Universum, two out of three students would choose LUSEM again if given the chance – an unusually high proportion. The dream employer is Spotify, followed by Google and Ikea.

According to the survey, our students associate the School of Economics and Management with words such as good, prestige, rich, international, quality, status and knowledge. Attributes they associate with us are: Internationally recognized, good reference for future careers, and high-quality educational programmes.

A selection of results from the survey:

  • 66 percent of our students would study with us again if they had to choose again, a relatively high result when the national average is 50 percent.
  • When they chose among universities, rankings were the most important factor (50 percent compared to 21 percent at a national level).
  • Regarding the School’s Career Services, our students are about as satisfied as previous years, we are ranked 7.1 on a scale that goes up to 10. The national average is 6.6.
  • When it comes to employers and industries, it is still banking, as well as the finance and consulting industry that attracts the most. The employers that are of most interest to our students are Spotify, Google, Ikea, McKinsey, and Goldman Sachs, but the top 20 also includes some of the School’s corporate partners, such as Deloitte, PwC, SEB, and Swedbank.
  • On the question of how our students have used Career Services during the year, there is an increase in students who are familiar with the mentorship programme, where current students are connected with young alumni (an increase from 6 percentage points to 15 percentage points) and who notice an increased interaction with alumni (from 13 percentage points to 18 percentage points).

A useful tool for students, the School and partners

Two questions about the survey to Stina Vikingson and Pernilla Thellmark, from LUSEM Career Services:

What does Universum Talent Research mean for your work? And what does it for the School’s corporate partners?

“For us, the survey is a sign that we are doing most things right, but it also shows what we can do even better. For the School’s corporate partners, it is proof that a collaboration with the School of Economics and Management is relevant. It is also a way for both the School and our corporate partners to understand the students’ career preferences.”

A difference from previous years is that the students think they have more opportunities to interact with alumni this year. Why is that, do you think?

“This result is extra fun to see, as we have worked actively over the past year to develop the School’s alumni relationships, mainly by connecting current students with alumni. Examples of this are a mentorship programme, inspirational portraits and lectures and events with alumni. We work closely with Alma Bergil, project manager for alumni relations.”


Pernilla Thellmark and Stina Vikingson, LUSEM Career Services.

If you have questions about the report or the results, please contact Pernilla or Stina for more information:

The national results of the survey can be found at Universum’s website:

Student Ranking 2021

About Universum Talent Research

Since 2013, the School of Economics and Management has collaborated with the research company Universum to take part in one of the world’s most comprehensive career surveys. Every year, Universum collaborates with over 2000 universities and partners around the world to compile data from, among others, students. The survey helps LUSEM to get to know our students’ career goals, how our students perceive the School from a brand perspective, and is a concrete tool that our Career Services use to analyse and improve its activities.

The survey was open from October 2020 to January 2021. This year, 546 students from the School of Economics and Management responded, a decrease from 836 students last year. A similar decrease was seen for all universities, probably a corona effect. The majority of the students who responded have one year left until graduation, and are aiming for a bachelor’s degree in business administration.