The School’s new podcast guides students through different career paths

Published: 2021-06-15

The road from student life to working life can feel long and complicated. It may also sometimes look as though the road to the dream job is as straight as an arrow. But is this really true? The School of Economics and Management’s new podcast is called “The Next Step” and is for and by students who are considering different career paths.

Behind the podcast are friends Sebastian, Johan, Mårten and Oskar – all students in Lund. During each episode, we meet an exciting guest, often a former LUSEM student themself, who share their experiences and best tips for the students.

We asked the podcast team a couple of questions through email:

What can you tell us about the podcast “The Next Step”?

“In short, it is a career podcast for students by students. The podcast touches on different career paths and aims to guide students who kind of know what they want to do in the future, but also to inspire students who haven’t chosen a route yet. Our guests have successful careers and are often heard and seen in a very professional context, so it is very refreshing to have an informal, relaxed conversation with them.

The best advice we have received is not to worry or stress too much about the future during your years of study – our guests share their experiences and their path to the dream job, and their journey have not always been as straightforward as you might think.”

How did you come up with the idea?

“The idea is actually based on our own thoughts and curiosity about our future careers. A podcast felt like an appropriate way to get answers to our questions from others who have lived through it, while other students can listen in when it suits them.”

Tell us about the first three episodes!

“In the first three episodes we have guests from different fields. In our first episode, we interview Maria Leissner, who is Sweden’s current ambassador to seven countries in Africa and has extensive experience of working within intergovernmental- and non-governmental institutions. We also discuss business students’ opportunities to become diplomats.

In the following episodes, we talk to two young alumni from the School of Economics and Management, Anna Dahlqvist Thuresson and Johan Eriksson, who both work in London. Anna talks about her time in Lund and shares lessons from her internship in New York, her scholarship with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in London and her current position at Alphasights. Johan’s episode is for anyone interested in finance, as he tells how he went from president of Lund University finance society (Linc) to his current job as a Private Equity Analyst at Goldman Sachs in London. Johan gives valuable tips to those who are interested in kick-starting a financial career after graduation, and tells what it takes to reach the absolute top.”

What more industries and exciting careers do you hope to meet?

“We all have different areas of interest and dream guests, but we think it would be interesting to meet an entrepreneur and someone who works for the big companies in the tech industry. We are happy to receive suggestions for guests from the School's students, so we can raise their questions in the podcast.”

Listen to the first episode with Maria Leissner:


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The first episode "Life as a diplomat – the road to IGOs and NGOs" with Maria Leissner as a guest is out now on the following channels:


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Upcoming episodes will be released regularly during the autumn semester of 2021.


Do you have any questions? Or maybe ideas for future topics or dream guests? Contact us at and we’ll forward your message to the podcast team.