Teacher of the Year!

Published: 2020-11-10

Igor Martins has been elected teacher of the year by LundaEkonomerna with the motivation as follows:

Regardless of being online or in class, Igor's dedication to his students is equally striking. He goes above and beyond to give meaningful feedback and truly takes an interest in the development and success of each individual. His excellent communication skills and intellectual capacity makes him stand out from the crowd.

Through continuously being receptive to students' feedback he develops himself as a teacher and makes learning fun, rather than something tedious and hard. Igor is always passionate about the topics that he teaches; which in all cases is transferred to the students through his more than adequate pedagogical skills.

During this daunting period of digitalisation, he has truly made an effort in making the zoom-lectures clearly structured and interactive and always been available to help out - making it easier for students to keep up with their studies. His canvas pages are always easy to navigate and should be an example for other teachers to follow.

With that said, any student who receives the zoom-link to his virtual classroom can consider themselves lucky, which is why Igor Martins is elected Teacher of the Year at Lund University School of Economics and Management.