Post-pandemic trends on sustainability

Published: 2020-10-21

Spotted from the Sustainable Future Hub’s student network and presented during Future Week 2020

Sofie Errendal and Alejandro Aristi Capetillo from Sustainable Future Hub's student network presenting.

Sustainable Future Hub’s Student Network have during the last six months collected, analysed and presented in various forms post-pandemic scenarios/emerging trends within the area of sustainability from a student perspective. During Lund University's Future Week they presented three of these post pandemic trends in a webinar. This is what they found:

  1. Power to the citizens 
    This particular trend takes place on a national level, and the basis for it, is to involve more citizens in democratic processes and to effectively create environmental policies so a sustainable development can be achieved. 
  2. Sustainable building design 
    The necessity to incorporate social, environmental, and sustainable practices into infrastructure and building design in order to meet the needs of future generations and resource constraints.
  3. Sustainable packaging 
    This global trend has surged as a result of the consumer’s increased awareness to packaging waste in oceans and landfills, that is the driving change towards a more sustainable way of consumption from start to end.

The webinar also included presentations of the trendspotting process as well as a definition of what a trend is. The presenting students' goal and conclusion was that by identifying sustainable trends, we can help by enhancing them towards a more sustainable future.

Presenting at the event were:

  • Sofie Errendal, Master’s in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science
  • Alejandro Aristi Capetillo, Master’s in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development
  • Juan Ocampo, PhD student in entrepreneurship and part of Agenda 2030 Graduate School at Lund University
  • Sarah Wolfe, bachelor’s student in chemical engineering at LTH
  • Brakeley Bryant, Master’s in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development
  • Judith Baeta, Master’s in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development

More information about Sustainable Future Hub's Student Network here.


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