Meet EcoSpark Advisory – winners of LUSEM Case Competition 2021

Published: 2021-02-09

Team EcoSpark Advisory won LUSEM Case Competition with a solution the jurors found very realistic, relevant and presented in a well-structured manner. The final case of the competition was presented by TePe Oral Hygiene Products, asking the participants to solve a big issue of our time – plastic waste.

The happy winners: Pontus Govenius, Sophie Bönnelyche, Victoria Helin and William Ramshage.

Pontus Govenius has experience from case competitions, but it was the first competition for the rest of the team. When Pontus assembled the team, he looked for people with different skills, a willingness to learn, good presentation skills, but also people with a mindset of doing something challenging in a fun way. 

The team wanted a name that connected to the competition’s theme distribution and sustainability.

“The name EcoSpark was inspired by the theme of the case competition, with Eco reflecting on sustainability, Spark reflecting on disruption and something that sets off a sudden force, and Advisory connecting to give guidance in changing an event, activity, or process that is not currently eco-friendly,” says Victoria.

The team had a strategy, and it paid off.

”Our team spirit was shining through during the case competition. We had fun together! Also, we all had predefined roles and areas of responsibilities, which made the case solving easier and faster from the beginning,” says Victoria Helin.

And this was the first case competition for the team, but certainly not the last.

“Important insights we bring to the next competition is a quick mindset, respect for each other, and most importantly that we support each other throughout the competition. Additionally, we do feel more secure in solving more complex business challenges,” says William Ramshage.

The team

Pontus Govenius
BSc in Business and Economics. Board member of Lundaekonomerna student union.

Sophie Bönnelyche
MSc in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development. Board member of Lundaekonomerna student union.

Victoria Helin
BSc in Business and Economics. Runs her own company within data analysis in the fintech industry.

William Ramshage
MSc in Statistics and BSc in Business and Economics. Amanuensis at the Department of Statistics and tutoring bachelors’ students in statistics.

Words from the jury

"Team EcoSpark found a balance between economically sound investments and long-term investments in sustainability based upon analysis of trends, the industry, the competition, consumer insights, and the TePe strategy and identity core. The implementation of the new investment, and its impact was detailed, realistic, and inspiring. Creativity combined with solid advice."

Extra thanks to TePe and the guest judges

"Thanks to TePe Oral Hygiene Products and our guest judges for great collaboration during LUSEM Case Competition 2021. It Is obvious how sustainability issues affect business life today and this competition show that students are truly passionate about sustainability.”

Martina Oxling, project manager at Sustainable Future Hub.

About LUSEM Case Competition 2021

This years edition of LUSEM Case Competition stretched over two days, the 4th and 5th of February. Eight teams solved two cases each on the first day, and the three best teams advanced to the second day where they solved a live case hosted by TePe Oral Hygiene Products. All teams impressed the judges, but only one team could win. 

LUSEM Case Competition is arranged in collaboration with 
Lundaekonomerna student union, Lund University School of Economics and Management and the School’s Sustainable Future Hub.