Does the possession of natural resources mean that a society will stagnate? Are they ’cursed’ to remain behind?

Published: 2021-02-11

This is a commonplace idea, but some of the wealthiest economies in the world - such as the Nordic countries, Australia and Canada - are resource based. Why, therefore, are some resource economies wealthy, and some not? The best way to answer this is through careful comparative research, but such studies are very rare.

By exploring Andean and Nordic experiences with natural resources, this book is a breakthrough. It takes the analysis of resources and growth to a new level”.  (Kristine Bruland, University of Oslo, Norway)

Our researchers Christian Ducoing, Sara Torregrosa-Hetland, Kristin Ranestad and others has been writing the book ”Natural Resources and Divergence. A Comparison of Andean and Nordic Trajectories”