Corporate Partnership Foundation

The Partnership Foundation plays an important role in developing, managing and sustaining our relations with the business world. The overall purpose of the Corporate Partnership Foundation is to establish profound and long-term partnerships with companies and public sector organisations.

The partner companies are invited to seminars with prominent managers and research specialists. They are also given excellent opportunities to make contact with our researchers and students. Our partner companies have access to the students CV database, which has proven to be a useful tool in recruitment processes when jobs and internships are announced.

In addition to the goal of creating opportunities for our partners to interact with the faculty, researchers and students, the Partnership Foundation works to develop the financing necessary for the School's internationalisation. The programme's membership fees significantly increase the possibility for appointing guest professors, financing faculty participation in international conferences and supporting international student projects. For example, the Corporate Partnership Foundation contributes to the International Visiting Professors' Programme and to the International Visiting Fellows Programme. The close co-operation the Partnership Foundation enjoys with the student union and associations enables us to participate in their most important projects such as labour market days, international contact trips and other events. Thus the companies will gain contact with a group of especially active, talented students.

There are three membership levels, each with different investment requirements: Capital Partner, Senior Corporate Partner and Corporate Partner. Participation can be developed, ranging from the purely financial sponsorship to indicate support for the programme's education and research focus, to a very active involvement with strong implications for the company's recruiting and competence development.


Cecilia Arkestad
Phone: +46 46 222 09 51
Room: EC2:249