Study at the library

Study areas, computers, photocopiers etc.

Computers in the library

Computers and Wifi

We have about a dozen computers available for our visitors. Log in with your student account. You can find more computers in the computer rooms in the Alfa1 building.

At Lund University, you can access the wireless network Eduroam. Read more about it here.

Photocopying and printing

Since January 2018, Lund University has a common printing system, Papercut.

There are two payment methods for copying and printing. You can either connect a Visa or Master Card to your printing account or buy a top-up card.

Log in to the PaperCut Portal to manage your prints.

Information about the new printing system.

The old system - SecurePrint/PayEx

The payment service PayEx ceased to work 31 December 2017. If you still have money in your PayEx account, you can contact PayEx for help with transferring the money.


Reading and Study Rooms

In the Library of Economics and Management, we have about forty seats for individual studies. In the basement, there are places for group work and discussions. Further reading rooms and study rooms are available in the Study Center at Alfa 1.

You are not allowed to eat in the library, only drinks with lids are allowed, and please remember to lower your voice.


Please note

In accordance with Upphovsrättslagen (1960:729), The Swedish Copyright Act, making a copy of an entire book is forbidden.

Copying is only permitted for limited parts of books or other literary works.

The copy made may only be used for private use. Private use refers to usage which is not in any way commerical use.