Search for Course Books

At LUSEM Library, you find all course books within the school's subject areas. We have one reference copy and usually a number of books which you can borrow home.

A student searching for a book in the course book collection. Photo.

Search for our course books in the library catalogue LUBcat. If the book you want is already out on loan, you can queue for it, and then you will get an e-mail when you can pick it up.

Library catalogue LUBcat

You will find our course books collected in the library. The course books are arranged by author, with the exception that if the book has more than three authors, or an editor, then it is placed according to the title.

Books in methodology are placed adjacent to the course books.

Fetch the course book you want on the shelf, and register the loan in the circulation desk. The loan period is two weeks. If there are no reservations for the book it will be automatically renewed. If the book can not be revewed, you will receive an e-mail with the return date.

Please note! The overdue fee on course books is 10 SEK per book and day.

Reference copies are available in the circulation desk. We have at least one reference copy of each course book. You can read the reference copy in the library, and may not take it home.