Lending conditions

Common lending conditions at the Lund University Libraries

The libraries at Lund University have the same lending conditions, which are established by the library board and approved by the University’s legal unit. When you use your library card, you undertake to follow these lending conditions.

A brief guide to our lending conditions

  • You must present your library card each time you check out a book. 
  • You have an obligation to observe the length of the loan period and to return your borrowed items no later than the due date. We try to assist you in managing your loans and avoiding fines by sending you e-mail reminders and overdue notices. These are sent as a courtesy only, please note that you cannot rely on them. You are, regardless of the circumstances, responsible for all your borrowed materials being returned on time.
  • The overdue charge for course books is 10 SEK per book per day. 
  • Your library card will be blocked if you have overdue fees exceeding 100 SEK. You will then not be able to check out material at any of the Lund University Libraries until you have paid your fee.
  • You are responsible for all materials checked out with your library card. If you lose your card, please notify the library so that we can block it. 
Published by: katrin.nylen@ehl.lu.se  |  2018-11-16