Brownbag Seminars

The Centre regulary organizes the Brownbag Seminars. The purpose of a Brownbag presentation is to make the colleagues aware of ongoing research at the Centre and get a feedback.


Brownbag seminars 2017

Håkan Jankensgård (Lund) - "Financial distress, risk shifting and the use of options" Friday 2017-11-24, 12.00, The seminar room, Alfa

Thomas Fischer and Frederik Lundtofte (Lund)  “The Atkinson index: A financial risk measure?”. Friday 2017-11-10, 12.00, The seminar room, Alfa

Nima Shariati and Hossein Asgharian (Lund) "Structural Multivariate Spatial Econometrics: Application to Cross-Country Dependence of Stock and Bond markets" (joint with Krzysztof Podgórski and Lu Liu) Friday 2017-10-27, 12.00, The seminar room, Alfa

Dinh-Vinh Vo (Lund) - "Global Financial Crisis vs European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Does Bank Performance or Macroeconomic Fundamentals Matter?"
Friday 2017-06-09, 12.00, The seminar room, Alfa

Håkan Jankensgård (Lund University) “Corporate Hedging and Collateral Constraints: Evidence from a Difference-in-Difference Approach” Friday May 19th 12.00-13.15, Alfa seminar room

Dominika Krygier “Systemic risk contribution and centrality revisited: the role of interactions” (joint with Hossein Asgharian and Anders Vilhelmsson). Friday April 28th 12.00-13.15, Alfa seminar room 

Claes Bäckman (Lund University) “House Prices, Consumption and Financial Innovation”. Friday March 10th 12.00-13.15, Alfa seminar room 


Seminars 2016

Hossein Asgharian (Lund) "Stock Return Dependence and Product Market Linage" co-authored with Lu Liu Friday Dec 2nd 12.00

Håkan Jankensgård (Lund) “Do Hedging Cash Flows Really Increase Corporate Investment?” Friday 25th Nov 12.00-13.00 

Mehmet Caglar Kaya  “A Theory of Gazelle Growth: Competition, Venture Capital Finance and Policy” co-authored with Prof. Lars Persson Friday 18th Nov 12.00-13.00

Avri Ravid (Yeshiva/Lund) will present recent work on “Firm life cycle rent distribution and the capital structure of entrepreneurial firm” (joint with Kose John). Friday, Oct 28, 12.00
Jens Forssbaeck, Frederik Lundtofte and Anders Vilhelmsson will present the paper "Loan pricing over the business cycle" Friday 2016-10-21, 12.00 
Martin Strieborny (Lund University)
Friday 2016-10-07, 12.00, The seminar room, Alfa
Magnus Dahlquist from Stockholm School of Economics/SHoF will present recent work on risk premia in foreign exchange markets at the brownbag seminar. Friday 2016-09-02, 12.00-13.15, Alfa seminar room 
Avri Ravid: “Star Replacement as a Pseudo-natural Experiment in the Value of Human Capital – Evidence from Broadway Shows” (joint with Shu Han)
Friday 2016-08-26, 12.15-13.30, The seminar room, Alfa
Avri Ravid (Yeshiva University New York) 
Friday 2016-04-08, 12.00, The seminar room, Alfa
Aron Berg (Lund): 
Friday 2016-02-19, 12.00, The seminar room, Alfa
Niels Hermes (Groningen): 
Friday 2016-02-12, 12.00, The seminar room, Alfa