An important goal for the Knut Wicksell Centre is to support high-quality education in finance at all levels.

All of the Centre’s researchers have their primary affiliation either at one of the regular academic departments at LUSEM or at IFN, and all are involved in teaching and education one way or another. Much of the Centre’s support of education comes as an additional benefit of the Centre’s other activities. In particular:

  • The Centre’s broad contacts within the academic community and its outreach activities facilitates and encourages the engagement of visiting faculty and financial market practitioners as guest lecturers within LUSEM’s undergraduate and Master-level finance courses and programmes;
  • The Centre intermediates contacts between students in finance at LUSEM and its partners and collaborators in the financial sector, enabling, for instance, students to write Master’s theses on topics of relevance for the partner companies;
  • The Centre provides high-quality finance research databases, which are used by its faculty not just in research but also in teaching; most of these databases are also directly available for students to be used, for instance, as data sources in Bachelor’s or Master’s theses.

The Centre also collaborates with the Lund Finance Society (LINC), a student association for students at Lund University interested in finance, by co-organizing various events, and representatives of LINC are sometimes directly engaged to give lectures on, e.g., databases or programming.

In addition, the Centre directly sponsors PhD level courses in finance given regularly at LUSEM. These courses are given within the Nordic Finance Network (NFN) and are open for participation to all PhD students in finance or economics within the Nordic countries. The Centre also actively participates in and co-organizes other activities for PhD students within the NFN, such as the regularly recurring PhD Nordic Finance Workshop.

Finally, as part of its outreach activities, the Centre has co-organized (in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet) a course in financial literacy directed to the general public.

Last published: 2020-08-18