Mentor Programme

The aim of the Mentorship Programme is to give the students "real-life insight” in the life as an entrepreneur and a valuable connection for the future. The student and mentor share experiences related to the entrepreneurial process in personal meetings to make the student better prepared for their entrepreneurial journey. The focus is on the individual student and their personal development.

The purpose of the Mentorship Programme at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship is to match engaged practitioners who have experience in the entrepreneurial development process with students from the Master’s Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Mentors are volunteers and get no compensation for their time, and the students are aware of the mentors’ need to prioritize their everyday work. There should be no financial transactions and agreements between mentors and their mentee during the master’s programme. Confidentiality applies to the mentor towards the mentee and their company.

What's in it for you?

As a mentor, you will get an introduction to what mentorship means, and get to learn more about the differences between coaching and mentoring. You will receive support from Sten K. Johnson Centre of Entrepreneurship throughout the process and will get to develop your intercultural competence.

What we provide

• Connection with engaged students attending a cutting-edge education in entrepreneurship

• Insight in interesting business projects

• Be a part of a highly engaged international community of practitioners within the field of entrepreneurship

• A selection of events and seminars at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

What we expect

• Interest and knowledge in the business development process

• Engagement and interest in the students’ personal development in relation to entrepreneurship as well as in the progress of their business project

• To be available for a personal meeting with the student once a month during the Mentorship Programme

What our mentors say about the mentorship programme 

To be a mentor gives me awareness and fulfillment – I do learn a lot through the eyes of my mentee, while she guides me on her journey, hiccups, challenges and victories. We ended up having a relationship of mutual-learning and exchange, where curiosity reigns. 

Rita Lousa, mentor

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I’m a mentor because I believe in life long learning and learning by sharing. Watching a person/mentee grow and learn is amazing. To be a mentor gives me energy and challenges me. I didn’t expect that the mentorship would give me so much new insight, the reverse mentorship and networking is very rewarding.

Camilla Degerth, mentor

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To be a mentor gives me a reminder about, and also greater insight into, the diversity of thinking around us. I am deeply curious about how each individual approaches obstacles, challenges and opportunities in a completely unique way.

Janine Miller, mentor

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I’m a mentor because it was definitely time to give something back. Looking at a career full of successes, failures and great learning opportunities it will be wasted if those lessons could not be passed on and used for a greater purpose.

Tim Washington, mentor


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What is mentorship and why is it important (in Swedish)

Lottie Norrsén, director of external relations and Diamanto Politis, professor were interviewed on the importance of mentorship for our students. The clip is part of teh project  "Start a startup" developed by RISE och financed by Tillväxtverket. 


Are you our next entrepreneurial mentor?

We are continuously searching for dedicated mentors with an interest in sharing their experiences and providing realistic insight into entrepreneurial life. Are you one of them?

To get more information regarding the structure of the programme and your participation, please contact:

Lottie Olsson Norrsén.
Director of External Relations
+ 46 (0)46-222 68 21
+ 46 (0)70-424 83 21 (mobile)

More information about the mentorship programme can be found in our mentorship broshure.pdf