European Entrepreneurship Education Award

The European Entrepreneurship Award (EEEA) is presented annually by the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship. The award recognizes an individual or an organisation that has contributed to the improvement of entrepreneurship education in academia in Europe. The award is comprised of the honor and a diploma, as well as a sum of 100 000 SEK.

Award winners 2022 - Mats Lundqvist and Karen Williams Middleton at Chalmers University in Sweden

This year the award goes to Professor Mats Lundqvist and Associate Professor Karen Williams Middleton at Chalmers University in Sweden.

The award committee’s citation

Professor Mats Lundqvist and Associate Professor Karen Williams Middleton at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden are both key actors within the global community of entrepreneurship education, and they have been the driving force behind the establishment and development of the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. The Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship started one of the first venture creation programmes in the world and was an early promoter of bringing entrepreneurship into higher education through an action-based approach that involves venture creation as the main learning vessel to develop entrepreneurial competencies. Together, they have successfully created a worldwide network that has become one of the first platforms for sharing knowledge, entrepreneurial ideas, and best practices for venture creation programmes. Both Lundqvist and Williams Middleton are actively involved to advance knowledge within the field of entrepreneurship education with a particular focus on the role and impact of venture creation programmes.

Mats Lundqvist and Karen Williams Middleton are undoubtedly worthy recipients of the 2022 European Entrepreneurship Education Award.

About the award 

Purpose of the award

  • Highlight the importance of teaching and learning in the area of entrepreneurship in Europe,
  • Further stimulate and promote innovative teaching methods within the field,
  • Diffuse the state of the art in entrepreneurial education among scholars, policymakers’ practitioners, and people involved in entrepreneurship education at the university level. 

Who is a potential award winner?

The award winner of the EEEA could be a person or an organisation active in Europe. To be considered a nominee for the EEEA the nominee has to have contributed significantly by developing pedagogic perspectives or ways of teaching entrepreneurship, through education, research or outreach activities.

Criteria for evaluation of nominations include: (1) novelty and innovativeness; (2) potential impact and transferability; and (3) relevance for a public beyond academia. 


Nominations are currently closed.

Award Committee

Diamanto Politis, Professor, Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Mats Westerberg, Professor, Luleå University of Technology

Helle Neergaard, Professor, Aarhus University

Roger Sørheim, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU

Ulla Hytti, Professor, University of Turku


European Entrepreneurship Education Award 2022

This years Award Ceremony will take place in connection to the 3E conference, ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference. The 3E conference gathers annually about 100-120 entrepreneurship education researchers and teachers from all over Europe thus offering a good venue for presenting the European Entrepreneurship Education Award.

Welcome to the EEEA 2022 price ceremony at the 3E conference to celebrate the award winners and to engage in stimulating discussions on entrepreneurship education and learning!

Read more about the 3E conference here:


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