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Prices and Wages

Prices and wages have long been a central part of the research at the department of economic history in Lund. Studies in price- and wage history began in the 1950s and one of its first major achievements was the work by Lennart Jörberg; A History of Prices in Sweden 1732–1914 (Lund, 1972). Jörberg assembled and analysed prices on a large number of mainly agricultural products in twenty-four counties in Sweden. Numerous price series and price deflators were constructed and analysed in the research project and book series Historiska nationalräkenskaper för Sverige 1800–1980 Vol. 1-9. [Historical National Accounts for Sweden 1800–1980 Vol. 1-9.] (Lennart Schön, Olle Krantz, Jonas Ljungberg and Lars Pettersson (Lund, 1986–1995)). A number of dissertations in price and wage history have also been published. Jonas Ljungberg’s Priser och marknadskrafter i Sverige 1885–1969 [Prices and Market Processes in Sweden 1885–1969] (Lund, 1990) analyse the long-term behaviour of prices on industrial products in Sweden. Data on gender- and skill differentiated wages are assembled and analysed in a long-term perspective by Lars Svensson in Closing the Gender Gap. Determinants of Changes in the Female-to-Male Wage Ratio in Swedish Manufacturing 1913-1990. (Lund, 1995).

A selection of price and wage data from this accumulated research is presented in the LU-MADD database.

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Last published: 2021-07-05