Information regarding the coronavirus outbreak

Autumn semester 2021 at LUSEM

Lund University is following the responsible authorities’ decisions, general advice and recommendations regarding measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The government is easing restrictions – but the vice-chancellor’s decision still applies

On 7 September the government announced its plans to start stage 4 and ease more restrictions as of 29 September 2021.  On 9 September the government changed the end date for working from home from 15 September to 28 September.

How is this affecting the University?

The existing vice-chancellor’s decision for this autumn’s education and activities is based on the wish to create a safe and secure environment for our students and staff. The plan for this autumn’s educational activities was established several months ago and still applies, with a gradual return to campus from the beginning of the semester up to and including 1 November.

Information for students: autumn 2021

Lund University has decided to gradually and orderly return to campus-based education during autumn 2021.  At LUSEM, the autumn semester will begin online followed by a gradual transition to campus-based teaching. Adaptation will take place based on the Government’s plan for rolling back restrictions and the Public Health Agency’s general advice and recommendations. 

Priority is given to students who have been studying under restrictions for the longest duration. This means that we will initiate the return to campus-based teaching for our bachelor’s programmes, which now begin semesters 3 and 4. As a student, you will find specific course and programme information at your department’s website or learning platform.

The lecture halls in EC1, EC2 and EC3 will only be available for booked lectures and seminars. We refer to our study places at Alpha 1, the library and LUSEM Learning Hub in Alpha 5-6, since the lecture halls will be closed for students and self-studies.

Please continue to follow the restrictions

  • All students are still encouraged to study primarily from home and only to be on campus when necessary until 30 October.
  • You are expected to come to campus to participate in seminars and examinations, if you have received information that they are held physically. 
  • Students who must attend the campus have to keep distance from others. If the premises are full, please find another place.
  • Our premises are closed to the public and accessible only to staff and students with LU-card until further notice.
  • Study places and computer rooms are accessible to students with certain adjustments depending on the current situation. Respect the arrangements and do not move tables and chairs!
  • The LUSEM Library is open with limited hours for students and staff. Learn more on the library’s website.

Further restrictions may apply at short notice. We are continuously updating our website with information on how the restrictions affect the autumn semester at the School.

Drop in-vaccination

Individuals studying in Sweden during autumn 2021 can either attend a drop-in vaccination on campus in Lund from 28 September to 7 October or make a regular appointment for the first and/or second dose. Vaccination is free of charge in both cases.

Preparing for your studies autumn 2021

On this page you will find useful information and key dates for all accepted students starting in the autumn 2021.

Prepare yourself for online courses

Rules and regulations for LUSEM’s courses online.

If you need support

If you experience difficulties with remote studies or have questions and reflections about the future, there are support available, including:

Last published: 2021-09-27