LUSEM Sustainability Research Working Paper Series

Brings together research and policy discussions to improve social, environmental and economic sustainability and the reaching of Agenda 2030.

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Aims and Scopes

The Working Paper Series

LUSEM Sustainability Research (LSR WPS) brings together research and policy discussions from a range of disciplinary approaches to improve social, environmental and economic sustainability and the reaching of Agenda 2030. The LSR WPS encourages manuscripts combining interdisciplinary perspectives with roots in business administration, economics, economic history, informatics and business law. In the quest of promoting a global sustainable development, the LSR WPS rests on the belief that successful transformations towards more sustainable organizations call for research and policy discussions including novel methodologies and theoretical approaches. 

The LSR WPS coverage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Economic Development and Social and Environmental Issues
  • Policies affecting and/or promoting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ethics and Technology
  • Business Law and Sustainability
  • Sustainability Accounting, Accountability and Reporting
  • Human Rights and Inequalities
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Carbon Accounting and Trading

The LSR WPS is indexed and abstracted by

S-WoPEc (Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics),
Google Scholar,
Lund University Publications,
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Submission for researchers

Please submit your manuscript in PDF format organized according to the guidelines below to:

Your manuscript should be written in English. It should be formatted according to the common practice of your discipline. By submitting to the LSR WPS you ensure that the research is in line with the ethical guidelines of the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet):

The front page should include the following information: 

Name of author
Author Contact information 
Abstract (100-300 words)
Key words (5-7 key words separated with semi-colon)
JEL Codes (3-5)

Editorial board

The role of the editorial board is to decide if papers are eligible for inclusion in the LSR WPS. Views, arguments and results put forward by the author(s) in papers included in LSR WPS are not necessarily endorsed by the editorial board. 


Cristian Ducoing, Researcher at Dept. of Economic History, LUSEM

Editoral Board

Susanne Arvidsson, Associate professor at Dept. of Business Administration, LUSEM

Fredrik NG Andersson, Associate professor at Dept. of Economics, LUSEM

Bo Andersson, Associate professor at Dept. of Informatics, LUSEM

Ulrika Wennersten, Senior lecturer at Dept. of Business Law, LUSEM


19/01 Perspectives on climate policies. Fredrik N G Andersson.

19/02 CEOs’ talk of sustainability: Towards an inclusion of an embeddedness and value-creation perspective. Susanne Arvidsson.

19/03 Behind copper prices: a historical perspective 1850 – 1950. Marc Badia - Miró, Anna Carreras-Marín and Cristián Ducoing.

21/04 Hot topics in agricultural and environmental economics – a large-scale bibliometric analysis. Nils Droste, Bartosz Bartkowski and Robert Finger.

21/05 Does natural resource extraction compromise future well-being? Norwegian Genuine Savings 1865-2018. Johanna Fink and Cristián Ducoing.

21/06 Comprehension, mapping and reporting of climate-related risks among listed firms in Sweden Fredrik N G Andersson and Susanne Arvidsson.