Agenda: Sustainability

A webinar and workshop series by the lund institute for sustainability impact

In the transformation towards more sustainable organisations, sustainability issues have climbed high up on the agendas in both public and private sector. This transformation is indeed a challenge and calls for new mind-sets, business models, innovations and practices. Succeeding with this transformation is vital to solve the climate crisis and reduce social inequalities. We believe that joining forces, sharing ideas and innovations, as well as, starting new creative collaborations is the best way towards reaching the ambitious goals of e.g., Agenda 2030, EU Green Deal and The Sustainable Finance Platform.

Therefore, we launch Agenda: Sustainability – a webinar series where we invite actors from the private and public sphere to discuss with NGOs, authorities and researchers how to find efficient ways to succeed with the sustainability challenges we have high up on our agendas. Agenda: Sustainability is organised by Lund Institute for Sustainability Impact, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden, City of Lund and Region Skåne.

To further promote collaboration between different stakeholders, the plan is to open up registration, after each webinar, for a workshop related to each of the specific themes at focus during the webinars.

Note: The webinars will be held in Swedish.

This information is also avaliable in Swedish

The webinars with following workshops

Hur arbetar man med upphandling för att säkerställa hållbara processer? (How to work with procurement to ensure sustainable processes?)
15 September 2021. Webinar 13:00–14:30, Workshop 15:00-16:30

Smart mobilitet – Hur skapar man förutsättningar för klimatsmarta, resurseffektiva transporter av gods och människor i en växande region? (Smart mobility – How to create conditions for climate-smart, resource-efficient transports of goods and people in a growing region?)
17 November 2021. Webinar 13:00–14:30, Workshop 15:00-16:30

Vad är nyckelfrågorna för att Skåne ska kunna bli en ledande plats för miljö- och klimatteknikbolag? (What does it take for Skåne to become a leading place for the environment and climate technology company?)
16 February 2022. Webinar 13:00–14:30

Cirkulär ekonomi – Hur kan man gå mot ett alltmer hållbart och cirkulärt livsmedelssystem? (Circular economy – How to move towards an increasingly sustainable and circular food system?)
20 April 2022. Webinar 13:00–14:30, Workshop 15:00-16:30

Meet our partners and find out what they want to accomplish with Agenda: Sustainability

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden (Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren) plays an important role in the business community when it comes to highlighting, informing and inspiring on various issues in the area of sustainability.

We have a large active network of companies. This gives us the opportunity to not only share experiences and best practices but also to try to find solutions to the various challenges that it entails to transform to more sustainable companies and industries. We enter into this collaboration with the hope that Agenda: Sustainability can become an important platform where various stakeholders – companies, regions, municipalities and academia - are given the opportunity to address urgent sustainability challenges.



Elisabeth Axelson
Business development sustainability

Region Skåne

Region Skåne works strategically to drive the environmental development of Skåne in a positive direction. The starting point of this environmental strategic work is to contribute to a long-term attractive and prosperous Skåne by tackling the environmental challenges and at the same time creating new innovations and jobs.

Region Skåne works to support and create conditions for business, organizations, idea-driven sector, academia and public sector to conduct their activities in an environmentally sustainable manner and, thereby, contribute to achieving the regional environmental goals. We view Agenda: Sustainability as an important platform that can contribute to our strategic work in these areas.



Jens Sörvik
Head of Unit Regional development Environmental issues

City of Lund

City of Lund shall be a leader in sustainable development. City of Lund has high goals and collaborates actively with other public actors, universities and the business community to develop a sustainable society. Agenda 2030 and the national environmental quality goals are the starting points for Lund‘s  program for ecological sustainability, LundaEko.

The ambition is a resource-efficient and climate-neutral Lund 2030 where the functions of ecosystems are maintained in the long term. Agenda: Sustainability is a new area of collaboration that creates meetings and opportunities for constructive collaboration to achieve our sustainability goals. Together, we create the solutions to societal sustainability challenges!



Jon Andersson
Head of Sustainability Unit

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