At LUSEM we take pride in educating change agents

The LUSEM students are – together with our teachers, researchers and external partners – joining forces with us in our sustainability transformation! Below you can read more about how Lundaekonomerna view sustainability in education and what they hope Lund Institute of Sustainability Impact can help out with.

I am looking forward to using the knowledge I have obtained during my studies to make a real impact.

”Lund Institute for Sustainability Impact marks another effort by LUSEM to integrate sustainability in education and build bridges between the corporate, academic, and educational world. The further inclusion of these topics into the curriculum and lectures prepares students for their future careers and enables them to impact employers within their future fields. The students at LUSEM are eager for more focus on sustainability in their education and for the opportunities it gives them in the future.”

Sophie Bönnelyche
Master Student in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development


By including and educating the leaders of tomorrow long term, sustainable solutions are born.

”All around the world, we see that students play an important role in shaping a sustainable future. By utilizing that passion and by including and educating the leaders of tomorrow long term, sustainable solutions are born. Through knowledge sharing and co-creation students can get their voice heard and inspire researchers and companies alike.

Because of that, we are very much looking forward to what Lund Institute for Sustainability Impact (LISI) can accomplish in the educational area and also grateful that the leaders of tomorrow are invited to take part in this process and are engaged as member of LISI Advisory Board.”

Jakob Palerius
President of Lundaekonomerna 2020–2021


Last published: 2021-05-31