Sustainability impact in education

One of the focus areas of the LUND Institute for sustainability impact

Sustainability is not a subject to be taught in a specific course, sustainability perspectives need to be integrated through our course portfolio.

Our students need to learn about how different aspects of sustainability permeates decision making and activities at all levels in organisations and how the three different perspectives of sustainability need to be considered not separately, but together. I see it as an important responsibility that the school has to make sure that the students that graduates from our programs are well equipped to in the future make sustainable decisions. Regardless what they work with or who they work for.

Given this, I see great possibilities with the Lund Institute for Sustainability Impact. The Institute will be a platform, gathering activities around research, teaching, and external relations at the Faculty. It can be a way to ties these three parts closer together. This will enable us to continue to develop the content of our courses when it comes to sustainability. It will also further our ability to tie research and teaching on sustainability closer together as well as strengthen the presence of practitioners view in our courses.

Anna Thomasson
Associate Professor, Associate Vice Dean with responsibilities for education