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Sustainability affects all aspects of life and we all have an important part to play in the ongoing sustainability transformation. Research, education and the sharing of knowledge both inside and outside academia are integral to how we work at Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM).

In various ways, the Lund Institute for Sustainability Impact, aims at contributing to research, education and knowledge-sharing that have positive impact on the long-term sustainability of our societies, environments and ecosystems across local to global scales. The Lund Institute for Sustainability Impact sets out to facilitate collaboration between and among researchers, students and our external stakeholders active in the sustainability field. We believe that joining forces is vital if we are to reach Agenda 2030 and promote a global sustainable development. We share the responsibility to create a better future. It begins with the small choices each of us makes every day and the impact these have on the world around us.


We take pride in educating change agents

Susanne Arvidsson, director

At LUSEM, we take pride in educating change agents. It is our mission to equip our students with knowledge and skills fit to take on the challenges with transforming ourselves, our organizations, regions and nations into becoming more sustainable. To succeed with this vital mission, we need to be the best in teaching for sustainability. This requires new teaching methods and a further integration of sustainability perspectives in our courses and programmes. In close collaboration with our faculty and students, LISI will act as a catalyst in this process, for example, by organizing pedagogical workshops and conferences, where we together can develop our teaching for sustainability.

Forming diverse partnerships between the academia and external stakeholders is vital if we are to reach better and more resilient outcomes. At LUSEM, we have a long history of teaming up and working close with the surrounding community. Together with our researchers and partners, LISI wants to help out in the process of finding new better ways to create knowledge for action and for change. To succeed with this, we need to establish more partnerships and host outreach activities, where researchers and external stakeholders can interact in knowledge sharing, co-creation and capacity building. LISI wants to be this platform for impactful collaborations.

We are doing a lot. But we can do more. So, please join us in our sustainability transformation! We look forward to your ideas on what you think we should include on the Lund Institute for Sustainability Impact's agenda!

Susanne Arvidsson
Director of Lund Institute for Sustainability Impact
Associate Professor of Finance and Accounting


Latest news

LUSEM students win thesis prize within sustainability

Olivia Johnsson and Annique Snel, students at the Master’s programme in International Strategic Management, have been awarded the RiseB thesis prize in sustainability and business ethics. Their thesis, titled The Incompatibility of Two Systems. A qualitative study on incumbent firms and small entrepreneurial companies’ attempt to transition from a linear to a circular economic system, was supervised by Professor Ester Barinaga. Congratulations!

Read an interview with the winners here

Welcome to the webinar series ”Agenda: Sustainability”


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Susanne Arvidsson

U21 Educational Innovation Symposium: Teaching for Sustainability

On February 16 & 17 2022, Lund University & U21 invite member universities to participate in a two-day online Education Innovation Symposium on the topic Teaching for Sustainability.

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Last published: 2022-02-09