Connect with alumni


What is it actually like working in marketing? How to pursue an international career? Connect with LUSEM alumni to find out!

Alumni ambassadors are former students who are happy to share insights and stories from their career, as well as their transition from student life to work life. At the moment, you can connect with alumni from the following programmes:

  • MSc Economics
    Gabriele Bindi - Assistant Economist at Office for National Statistics
    Ask Gabriele about economics, working abroad and official statistics
  • MSc International Marketing and Brand Management
    Carlotta Zorzi - Strategic Partnerships at Shopify Plus
    Ask Carlotta about leadership, partnerships and strategy
    Lara Enzingmüller - Junior Marketplace Manager Ecommerce at Puma
    Ask Lara about marketing, e-commerce and product management
  • MSc Managing People, Knowledge and Change
    Philipp Kruse - Senior Consultant Human Capital at Deloitte
    Ask Philipp about start-up & consulting career, living abroad and building a career
    Molly Sterlacci - Employer Branding Specialist at SONY
    Ask Molly about HR, employer branding and creating a purpose-driven career

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Young Alumni Stories

What happened after graduation?

Through the stories of our young alumni, you'll get a glimpse of some of the first steps in the careers of LUSEM alumni.