Wellness Weeks: How to survive in –58° and +52° Celsius


Extreme temperatures are something most people don't have to worry about. Ususally we don't worry about surviving the day either. But as an adventurer you might have to do that. Meet adventurer and explorer Mikael Strandberg!

Picture of the adventurer Mikael Strandberg with a snowy face and beside him a desert.

When Mikael Strandberg travels he doesn't go to the usual tourist destinations but to places with extreme weather, undiscovered parts and where few people can manage on their own. How is he equipped in –58° C and how does it feel walking in a desert with +52° C in the shade? What makes Mikael travel to inaccessible and uncomfortable places in the world? 

Mikael has 34 years experience of travelling and some of his trips have resulted in documentaries, he has carried the legendary flag of the Explorers Club 5 times, more than any other Swede. He knows how to survive under extraordinary circumstances, what it feels like to be isolated and how to manage on your own.

Listen to Mikael's story and get some tips for managing extreme conditions and isolation and for future adventure trips!

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About Wellness Weeks

Lund University School of Economics and Management and Lundaekonomerna Student Union join forces to bring you activities focusing on mental health, mindfulness, and study tips, alternating with social activities and possibilities to meet new friends!

We hereby present to you: Wellness Weeks! A concept running for this spring, focusing on the wellbeing of you! Upcoming examples of activities are mindfulness, yoga, short lectures, game nights, quiz games – and much more!

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12 April 2021


This is an online meeting.


Christina Rothman