The capital market – a driving force in the transformation towards sustainable businesses?


Workshop with Susanne Arvidsson, Andreas Barkman and representatives from the Partner companies.

Associate Professor Susanne Arvidsson and PhD Andreas Barkman will host the workshop, in association with the Sustainable Future Hub at LUSEM.

During this workshop, we will present how Swedish companies are progressing in their sustainability work by highlighting findings from the Swedish Corporate Sustainability Ranking. We focus on exploring what roles the capital market play in promoting this transformation towards more sustainable organisations. Furthermore, we highlight ongoing initiatives on national, EU and international level in the area of sustainable finance. What will be their expected effects on capital market- and corporate level? 

The workshop includes mini-lectures and constructive plenary, as well as round-table discussions on relevant themes related to corporate sustainability and sustainable finance.

Venue: Studio Meetingpoint, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, Malmö

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About the speakers

Susanne Arvidsson, Associate Professor and Senior lecturer in Accounting and Corporate Finance at LUSEM

Susanne’s research interests are within corporate finance and accounting and include the following areas that have different degrees of overlap;

sustainability accounting, reporting and assurance, integrated reporting, efficiency of the information flow between companies, financial analysts and investors, corporate communication process, corporate valuation, accounting communication and  financial statement analysis, intangible assets.

For her research Susanne has been awarded a Wallander scholarship, been nominated for the Globe Awards’ Sustainable Research Award and been awarded several external research funding. 

Susanne Arvidsson's profile in Lund University's Research Portal


Andreas Barkman, PhD in Biogeochemical Engineering and Mathematical Modelling

Andreas joined the European Environment Agency (EEA) in 2001. In his current role as senior expert on sustainable finance he is the main contact point and coordinator of EEA’s engagement and work streams on climate-, green- and sustainable finance. 

Andreas has held different management positions leading EEA’s work in the area of climate change, energy, as well as in air and industrial pollution - including representing the EEA in numerous international and European committees, task forces and expert meetings. Andreas represented the EEA in the High Level Expert Group and Sustainable Finance and is EEA’s representative in European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on sustainable finance.


4 December 2019


Studio Meetingpoint
Nordenskiöldsgatan 24,
211 21 Malmö


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