Lund Population Day 2019


Welcome to Lund Population Day 26 September 2019, arranged by Centre for Economic Demography (CED) & Lund University Population Research Platform (LUPOP).

Keynote speaker Tomas Sobotka will give an open lecture in the morning, and joining Sobotka are invited researchers of reproduction, both external and from Lund University, who will present shorter lectures in the afternoon.


Please note that registration for lunch/afternoon lectures is now closed but all are welcome to attend the open key note address in the morning!



Venue: Edens hörsal

10.15-10.30  Welcome and introduction
Martin Dribe - Director of CED - and Lisa Eklund - Department of Sociology/CED

10.30-12.00  Fertility in Rich Countries: Trends, Surprises and Underlying Factors
Tomas Sobotka - Vienna Institute of Demography, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Venue: Café Eden  

12.00-13.00  Lunch (only for pre-registered) 

Venue: Gamla Kirurgen, Lecture room R240    

13.00-14.30 Chair: Johan Sandberg - Department of Sociology/CED

Gendered Parenthood in the 21st Century: Everyday Time Use and Stress in Sweden
Maria Stanfors - Department of Economic History/CED, LUSEM

Exploring Young Adults’ Contraceptive Work in Sweden
Marie Larsson - Department of Sociology, LU

Gender and Generation in Chinese Reproductive Politics  
Lisa Eklund - Department of Sociology/CED

Venue: Gamla Kirurgen    

14.30-15.00  Coffee break

Venue: Gamla Kirurgen, lecture room R240    

15.00-17.00  Chair: Therese Nilsson - Department of Economics/CED, LUSEM

Maternal and Child Health Disparities Among U.S. Sexual Minority Women
Stefanie Mollborn - Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado at Boulder/visiting professor CED 2019/20

Infertile Men Are Not Healthy
Aleksander Giwercman - Department of Translational Medicine/Reproductive Medicine, LU

Multiple Births, Birth Quality and Maternal Labor Supply: Analysis of IVF Reform in Sweden
Hanna Muhlrad - Department of Economics, LU


26 September 2019


Paradisgatan 5H
223 50 Lund


Madeleine Jarl