Interested in working with individual-based databases?


Are you interested in understanding individuals' work, health, and well-being? Do you want to work with individual-based databases, often longitudinal, research databases? If so, then join us for an informative session on national research infrastructures on November 27th at 13:00 in the LUX aula.

During this two hour session, four national research infrastructures funded by the Swedish Research Council will be presented: REWHARD (Relations, Work and Health across the life-course), SWEDPOP (Swedish population databases for research), NEAR (National E-Infrastructure for Ageing Research) and CORS (Comparative Research Center Sweden).

You will find out what these databases cover and how to access the data. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

In brief, REWHARD includes databases related to work and living conditions, SWEDPOP coordinates historical population databases, NEAR brings together databases on aging and health, and CORS conducts and coordinates large-scale surveys (e.g., SHARE). Read more at Vetenskapsrådets website.

These databases are important shared resources for the national and international research community. They can be used to analyze long-term demographic, social and economic processes. Often, they include information on individual health and well-being and individuals can be followed over time and space, across the life course and between generations, enabling policy-relevant research in many scientific fields.

The information will be given in English. Coffee will be served afterwards. You can register HERE.

Please note that this session will be followed by a panel discussion in Swedish on individual-based research databases. Read more and sign up.

This is a joint initiative between LUSEM (Lund University School of Economics and Management) and the Faculty of Social Science.

27 November 2023


LUX, Lunds universitets humanist- och teologcentrum
Helgonavägen 3
223 62 Lund


Registration closed.


Maria Stanfors