Future week


Researchers working at the School of Economics and Management participate in several interesting events during Future Week at Lund University on 18-25 October 2021. This year's theme is Breakthrough.

Monday 18 October

Innovation in times of crisis – long-run perspectives
VENUE Lunds stadsbibliotek Atriumgården | TIME 16:30-17:30 | Requires pre-registration
Do we innovate more – or differently – in times of crisis? Researcher Josef Taalbi will in this talk during the Lund Future Week give us long-run perspectives on when and why we invent and innovate. He argues that historical patterns show that infrastructure and policy always are important as fertile ground for innovation.

Tuesday 19 October

Oatly's John Schoolcraft on fearless leadership
VENUE Online | TIME 09:00-10:00 | Requires pre-registration
Oatly's major breakthrough in the market is largely due to the fact that Global Chief Creative Officer John Schoolcraft has completely eliminated the marketing department. Instead, he has created the Department of Mind control, the idea is simple but brilliant. Creators are a natural part of all types of meetings, and are only responsible for themselves. Full creative freedom! In conversation with Carys Egan-Wyer, teacher and researcher at the School of Economics, John Schoolcraft will talk about his pioneering view of leadership.

From Robots to Rust: Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development
VENUE Online | TIME 17:00-18:00 | Requires pre-registration
As part of Lund University's Future Week, COMPUTE research school, AI Lund and the Agenda 2030 Graduate school will host a public seminar at which we will discuss the relation between sustainability and artificial intelligence.
Participating from LUSEM is Juan Ocampo, PhD student.

Thursday 21 October

Understanding Covid and its consequences - lessons learned from a pandemic
VENUE Lund University main building, the assembly hall (Universitetshuset) I TIME 12:00-13:00 I Requires pre-registration
Maria Stanfors and Martin Dribe from LUSEM will participate.
This event is in Swedish.

More events (in Swedish) avaliable. See our Swedish webpage for more information

Subject to possible changes. The events above are selected on the basis that the programme states that one, or more, of the School of Economics and Management's researchers participate in the programme items.