Futurasamtal #6 …about Brexit


The sixth "Futurasamtal" is about: "...om Brexit – konsekvenser för Sverige och regionen". ("...Brexit, consequences for Sweden and the region"). The discussion will be held in Swedish.

The UK region is one of Sweden's most important export markets. It was the only major EU country that, like Sweden, was outside the euro co-operation. Brexit is now changing the balance within the EU, including in terms of politics and trade. The United Kingdom is also a knowledge nation of great importance for Swedish labor, as well as for education and research. 

  • What new trade flows will Britain's exit bring? 
  • How is Sweden affected in terms of labour and knowledge? 
  • And how does it affect our region? 

Warmly welcome to an open and initiated discussion about what the consequences of Brexit can be regarding the region, Skåne and Sweden! 

In the panel: 

Martin Åström, policy officer at the EU Commission's Task Force on relations with the United Kingdom 

Fredrik Sjöholm, professor of economics at LUSEM and expert on the effects of changed trade 

Per Tryding, CEO of the Southern Sweden Chamber of Commerce 

Talk leader is Maria Stanfors, professor of economic history at LUSEM and member of the think tank LU Futura. 

In addition, the other members of the think tank participate. Invited are researchers, business people, opinion leaders and others who are interested. 

Sign-up: Via email to Ulrika Oredsson. Seats are limited!  

6 March 2020


Biskopsgatan 3
223 62 Lund


Ulrika Oredsson