EVRACSI Webinar 4


What themes and perspectives are needed on the research agenda to facilitate the required sustainable transformation in the finance and business industry?

Keynote speakers:

Gabriel Wikström
The Swedish Government’s national coordinator for the 2030 Agenda

Begoña Giner
Professor of Accounting and Finance at the University of Valencia, member of EFRAG TEG and Chair of the EAA Stakeholder Reporting Committee

Åsa Moberg
Programmes director at Mistra, board member of SWESIF


John Dumay
Professor of Accounting & Finance, Macquarie University

The webinars will be moderated by Mikael Salo

EVRACSI is a Thematic Collaboration Initiative

The Thematic Collaboration Initiatives at Lund University are vibrating meeting hubs for knowledge and development in specialist fields characterized of urgent societal challenges. They are all interdisciplinary and involve several faculties, as well as external collaborative partners from both Sweden and the rest of the world. EVRACSI is one of eleven initiatives. Learn more

Link to the webinar:

19 May 2021


This is an online meeting.


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Susanne Arvidsson