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Alumna Stefany Firera Colmenares – now a Technology graduate at Nordea

Stefany Firera is smiling at the camera. She has a big flower crown on her head. The Öresund bridge is in the background
Stefany Firera Colmenares

In 2022, Stefany graduated with a master's degree in information systems from the Department of Informatics at Lund University.

Tell us about what you do today!
I am a technology graduate at Nordea in Copenhagen, during my graduate programme of 2 years I have been trying different roles such as IT project manager, business analyst and now I am trying out the role of front-end developer. My focus is the savings and investments area of the bank app. All my rotations have been connected to this topic which I find very interesting. After my programme ends I’ll get to take one of the above roles, where I will most likely focus on IT projects and being a bridge between business and tech.

What is the main reason you work with what you do?
Since I started my masters in information systems I knew I wanted to do a graduate programme. I wanted to have the opportunity to try different roles before choosing my main career path. It’s fantastic to be able to jump from one role to another in different teams, so at the end of the day I am learning a lot about the whole development process, not just technical but also business requirements.

How did the Department of Informatics and LUSEM prepare you for working life and a career in your field?
I would say all the group projects and practical assignments have been very useful in my working environment. Being able to work on a project from the technical perspective with a diverse team is exactly what the working environment is about.

Additionally reading different kinds of papers allowed me to understand more about the field and backing up my decisions with data and sources have been proven to be very useful at work.

What advice would you give yourself if you started your studies now?
"Prepare, learn and practice.

Prepare to apply for many different roles and companies, don’t wait until you are finished with your studies, make a list of places you would like to work and start applying right away. Many of my classmates, myself included, have gotten a job offer before we even graduated. I even applied before Christmas break to a few roles!

Learn as much as you can in university, do practical assignments and go the extra mile, practice what you are learning and use this in your future career."

Tell us about your expectations for the future.
"My short term goal is to find a role that I enjoy by the end of my programme. I want to help break the barriers that exist between business and technology. I believe my education has prepared me for these kind of roles, where I am a connector between the 2 worlds and that’s what I want to focus on in the future."

What do you prefer to do outside of work?
"I love volunteering and doing events, I often create events for international women living in Malmö. Is fun to meet new people and help them out by organising events that help them develop new friendships. My favourite events I have created are annual clothes swapping and flower crown making in midsummer! It is wonderful to do activities together!"

Any hidden talent?
"I can make amazing travel itineraries, I create plans to see as much as possible, find hidden places and with the best route. Maybe I was a travel agent in my past life 😜"