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It is said that Lund never feels old, despite being one of Sweden's very oldest towns. As you stroll down the town-centre the traces of history are still very visible with the cobbled streets, half-timbered houses and the imposing cathedral, which all date back to the 11th century. However, the ever-recurring influx of new students means that Lund, alongside the seriousness of its academic responsibilities, has a tradition of carefree youthfulness.

Lund, voted the most popular student city in Sweden, is well known for its unique student life and vibrant atmosphere, which has led to an active cultural life full of activities and entertainment, including a range of art, music, dance, theatre, literature, film and museums. The rich student life includes associations for every kind of interest, as well as student balls, rag weeks, and the spring celebration of 30 April, Walpurgis Night. Every fourth year Lund turns into a sparkling festival of colour, as the Lund Carnival takes over the town.

The School of Economics and Management is located at the Holger Crafoord Centre - a modern campus area seething with activity. The Holger Crafoord Centre is strategically situated between the Ideon Science Park and the Faculty of Engineering. The Holger Crafoord Centre was established with the help of donations from the Crafoord Foundation in Lund, and is named after the industrialist Holger Crafoord (1908–1982).

Life in Lund

Life in Lund combines academia with rich cultural traditions and the energy and dynamism of young students, resulting in a vibrant and memorable campus experience.

The variety of student organisations, including the famous "nations", provides excellent opportunities for you to meet new friends, experience student life and participate in different events.

Old traditions in Lund including the Spex student comedy theatre, Siste april - the celebration of Walpurgis Night, the student carnival, and the solemn doctoral degree ceremony with all the usual pomps and circumstance all add up to a truly memorable experience.

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