MSc in Finance

This programme extends students’ knowledge of all major areas of financial decision-making. It prepares students for future careers in the financial services sector, e.g. in com­mercial and investment banking, insurance firms and super­visory authorities, in corporate finance functions in financial and non-financial firms. It also prepares students for further studies in finance.

What does the programme offer?

The programme is research-driven and based on the prin­ciple of academic rigour in practical application. Advanced theoretical and empirical concepts in both financial econom­ics and corporate finance are on the curriculum. You will gain a thorough understanding of, and training in, effective identification, analysis and resolution of complex financial problems. Important objectives are to familiarise students with the main areas of investigation and research techniques used in finance, and to give students the general knowledge required to specialise in their preferred area of finance.

The one-year pro­gramme is designed to give you a sound knowledge in the basic methods of advanced finance and to allow you to spe­cialise in a specific area of interest, as well as enabling you to apply your knowledge to analyse real world problems. The two-year programme further deepens this knowledge, broadens the areas of interest and introduces you to re­search methods.

Career prospects

There is a broad and extensive labour market for finance professionals and specialists both nationally and internationally. Future ca­reers for graduates could include positions in the financial services sector (commercial and investment banking), insurance firms, su­pervisory authorities, corporate finance functions in both financial and non-financial firms, or as financial consul­tants. Graduates have found employment at, for example, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey, Accenture, Maersk, J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

More information

Programme quick facts

One-year programme
Duration: 1 year, full time, 60 credits
Arrival Day: 19 August 2014
Study period: 1 Sep 2014 – 5 June 2015
Degree awarded: MSc, 60 credits

Two-year programme
Duration: 2 years, full time, 120 credits
Arrival Day: 19 August 2014
Study period: 1 Sep 2014 – 3 June 2016
Degree awarded: MSc, 120 credits

Class profile 2012/13

One-year programme:
437 applicants - 45 enrolled
Age range: 22-35
Male/female: 62% / 38%
20 nationalities

Two-year programme:
474 applicants - 65 enrolled
Age range: 22-40
Male/female: 74% / 26%
19 nationalities

Programme contact details

Programme Director
Professor Hossein Asgharian

Programme Coordinator
Rikke Barthélemy