MSc in Economics

The programme provides you with deepened and thor­ough knowledge of modern economic theories, concepts and techniques and their applications. You will acquire the necessary tools to undertake advanced economic analysis and gain specialised knowledge in your specific field of in­terest. You will also become familiar with major and recent literature in your particular field of specialisation and learn important research techniques.

What does this programme offer?

The one-year programme is de­signed to give you sound knowledge of the basic methods of advanced economics and to allow you to specialise in a spe­cific area of interest, as well as enabling you to apply your knowledge to analyse real world problems. The two-year programme further deepens this knowledge, broadens the areas of interest and introduces you to research methods.

Within the programme you can choose from different specialisations; Econometrics, Financial Economics, Health and Labour Economics, International and Development Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Public Economics. Within your specialisation you will take a required set of courses during the first year and also additional elective courses. In the second year students take additional core courses and electives within economics and other disciplines. Each year ends with a 15 ECTS credit degree project.

Career prospects

You will be qualified for advanced positions within the private and public sectors. Graduates find employment in the financial sector such as commercial banks, insurance companies, and stock exchanges, in government authorities and public institutions, in the health sector, in large companies and private research centres. Many international institutions have a constant demand for economists, for example the UN, ILO, EU, ECB, OECD, IMF, the World Bank and various aid agencies such as SIDA.

The programme also provides excellent prep­aration for doctoral studies.

More information

Programme quick facts

One-year programme
Duration: 1 year, full time, 60 credits
Arrival Day: 19 August 2014
Study period: 1 Sep 2014 – 5 June 2015
Degree awarded: MSc, 60 credits

Two-year programme
Duration: 2 years, full time, 120 credits
Arrival Day: 19 August 2014
Study period: 1 Sep 2014 – 3 June 2016
Degree awarded: MSc, 120 credits

Class profile 2012/13

One-year programme
276 applicants - 23 enrolled
Age range: 22-30
Male/female: 50 / 50%
7 nationalities

Two-year programme
391 applicants - 60 enrolled
Age range: 22-46
Male/female: 50% / 50%
14 nationalities

Programme contact details

Programme Director
Mårten Wallette, PhD

Programme Coordinator
Rikke Barthélemy