Faculty and expertise

Astrid Kander

PhD, Professor

Research interests

Agrarian History, Economic History, Economic growth and structural change, Energy, Environment, Evolutionary theory, Sustainability

Teaching areas

Energy and economic growth history, Environmental History

Current research

Professor Astrid Kander’s key competence is in the area of energy, innovation and sustainable growth and she leads an international network (LEG) in the field. She has written the book: Power to the People – Energy in Europe over the last five centuries, Princeton University Press, published in Dec 2013, together with Paul Warde and Paolo Malanima. She led the interdisciplinary project “The Generational Goal” at the Pufendorf institute 2012/13, which resulted in the book “Generationsmålet – kontroverser kring klimat och konsumtion, Dialogos förlag 2013. She got two new big research grants in 2013: Who Did the Dirty Work? (VR 5 million SEK, with Paul Warde) and The effects from foreign trade on CO2 emissions (Energy Council 3 million SEK, with Magnus Jiborn, Dan Moran, Tommy Wiedmann and Karin Bäckstrand). She is currently involved in another Australian project with David Stern and Jack Peezy: Energy transitions, past, present and future.
Together with Jonas Ljungberg she has managed the SWINNO project over the last five years, where PhD candidates Karolin Sjöö and Josef Taalbi, hav

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Astrid Kander
PhD, Professor
Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen
Institutet för Ekonomisk forskning

Phone: +46462227483

Room: Alfa1-2013

Astrid Kander

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