Research and innovation

The School of Economics and Management has a strong research orientation. The research base provides breadth and depth, and is the foundation for the School's teaching and learning, as well as a driving force for the development of the community.

Research at the School is conducted both in interdisciplinary collaborations, involving parties within as well as outside the School, and at the departments. Ongoing research areas includes the following:

  • Climate, Energy and Economic Growth
  • Economic Demography
  • Finance
  • Global Institutions
  • Health Economics and Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Management and Organisation Studies
  • Marketing

Our academic departments play the role of disciplinary research centres, serving both the breadth of research at the School, and as a basis for renewal and recruitment of faculty.

Some of the collaborative research is organised in centres, such as the Centre for Economic Demography, or CIRCLE (Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy), the latter an independent unit within Lund University. The Institute of Economic Research hosts some of the areas above, as well as a number of other collaborative research programmes.

Currently, the Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies is being established following a commitment of long-term funding by VINNOVA, the Swedish innovation agency. The Centre will be the hub of research in finance as well as interdisciplinary research in broader areas relating to financial markets. In addition, the Centre will pursue collaboration with practitioners.